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  1. yzf361

    350 wheels

    second for tcr, and he can anodize your stock hubs and nipples.
  2. yzf361

    Who have the 2012 350?

    it's definitely got more power, and the suspension feels more balanced than the 11.
  3. yzf361

    350 without problems?

    no, but it's a bike that was used in the outdoor nationals, and to be ridden at that level for that long is impressive.
  4. yzf361

    350 without problems?

    we've got two one with 82 hrs, and one with 12hrs. only problem has been a clogged fuel filter once. the 82hrs bike still has the stock crank in it even.
  5. yzf361

    Radiator fixable?

    icwbikestands.com brett can fix them. I think its around 60
  6. yzf361

    best exhaust ktm 350 ?

    ours were also on the same dyno. in most cases with the screen out there was a small gain up top. with the fmf when the insert was taken out along with the screen we saw a tq decrease. the biggest difference we saw was 3ftlbs of torque between the yosh and fmf at 3500-6000 rpm.
  7. yzf361

    best exhaust ktm 350 ?

    we've dyno'd the yosh, fmf, and akra. the yosh was the best, akra 2nd, and fmf 3rd.
  8. yzf361

    2005 or 2006 Honda CR125R

    don't think honda pays contingency on two strokes anymore.
  9. yzf361

    another 350 break down.

    hondas eat fuel pumps, can't be fixed by straining the fuel. ktm's need the fuel strained which can be fixed. so i'll take the ktm.
  10. nothing is more un-reliable than honda fuel pumps.
  11. pulled one of mine apart at 32hrs to have the cams degreed and recall work performed. valve train and piston looked perfect.
  12. ive got one down here at weinerts, not quite charlotte though.
  13. 32 hrs and still running fine. all on a mx track, and 5hrs or so with a top 25 450 pro rider on it. and the pro rider actually prefers it to his crf450.
  14. yzf361

    Öhlins TTX shock 2011

    are the ohlins shocks still a pound or two lighter than the wp?