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  1. toyotadad11

    05 RMZ 250 Fork Cartridge tool

    Does anyone know where I can buy the cartridge holding tool for the rmz? Its a little different than most. Thx
  2. toyotadad11


    There is a simple explanation for all of this. First the header wrap at idle... You see, the overheating of metabolic diodes in the header pipe due to the heat wrap have reacted with h2o portion of the cooling system liquid resulting in an obvious atomic flare. The worst case scenario would be to have a battery with a charge anywhere in the vicinity. Thus, batteries naturally take a crap when those bastard atomic waves seek out those bad right knee's. You'd think the thing had a mind of it's own. Not to fear however, simply take that warm header wrap when the thing over heats, wrap around the bad knee and wallah you have the issue resolved. Chunk the dead battery and start kicking your way into the emergency room. Trust me, I'm a doctor.
  3. toyotadad11

    Clutch Basket Replacement

    Thx, appreciate the work in writing that.
  4. toyotadad11

    Clutch Basket Replacement

    Does any know of a video or site to go to for step by step instructions to replace the stock basket with a hinson, rekluse or any of the rest of the aftermarkets?
  5. toyotadad11

    450X Air Filter

    Thx for the help you all. New one on its way!
  6. toyotadad11

    450X Air Filter

    Can anybody suggest a good replacement air filter for the 05? Thx
  7. toyotadad11

    Rekluse-Improves your skills, or just a crutch?

    Thats it exactly. The trouble I had with my 450 wasn't the bike. The working the clutch to get the most out of 2-stroke race bike was ingrained in my head, I just moved it right over to the 450. All I was sayin is, I dont think the auto's would work to good on a motocross track, even if it is a 450 that you are riding on that track. I can be in 3rd and hit it at the face of a jump and do pretty good. But I can clutch the same 450 at the face of the jump and gain more air and distance. Its all new to me yet. From what I have experienced in the woods, my speed has increased, and the fun factor is higher. Thx
  8. toyotadad11

    Rekluse-Improves your skills, or just a crutch?

    Well spoken, what is it that you are saying?
  9. toyotadad11

    pics of my black x

    Hey can you tell me where to get the thermal strips? OOPS!! Just found the pro-circuit ones on this site. They are on their way. Thx anyway
  10. toyotadad11

    Rekluse-Improves your skills, or just a crutch?

    I have recently switched to the rekluse on my 450. I am now 46 years old and have been riding/racing 125-250 2-strokes for about 32 years. Mastering the clutch/THROTTLE game was the probably the biggest advantage I could have learned. Undoing all that is real hard. Ignoring the clutch for me is next to impossible, even on a 450. But the action of a auto-clutch is flawless when set right. It does make a rider faster in the woods. You never make a mistake with the clutch. It is amazing how quick you can go through turns and up steep inclines with this thing. I have to say this though. I dont think it would work to good on a motocross or indoor track. To me all the different clutch uses on the track, (starts...turns...seat bouncing jumps) all have different rpm's and different clutch input. You cant do that with an auto. It hits exactly on the same rpm, with the same amount of input every time. All that said, I love the new clutch, and for enduro's it cant be beat.
  11. toyotadad11

    ProTaper on the 450X question

    I appreciate it, but I think I will send the $225 over to "brp" and get all the brackets.
  12. toyotadad11

    ProTaper on the 450X question

    Do you have to use the 450R front number plate if you switch to a protaper upper triple clamp?
  13. toyotadad11

    If you could change one thing about the 450X

  14. toyotadad11

    If you could change one thing about the 450X

    Wait! Wait! Wait! Polished gold handlebars, with chrome chain link grips. Fuzzy dice crossbar pad. I'd die for some ganster white wall tires. Stuff a sub-woofer somewhere between the tank and cylinder head. Then throw on a set of curb feelers with the little blue lights on the end. Woooo, man thats it.
  15. toyotadad11

    E-2 slip on

    Look at the plug. My guess is its lean. I put a E2 on myself and the bike has more right off the throttle than before. No complaints. My bike was lean to start with though, so that had to be fixed first. One position lower on the needle for the clip and an extra 1/2 turn out on the fuel screw and it works great.