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  2. Hi Kelly 23 Make your own, Its very easy <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a>
  3. This is what they should look like?
  4. 2 Pics for Teemgreen
  5. thanks NMdesertRacer
  6. Very easy to do ! like 250fp says. Gives you a very good starting position (especialy if your legs are a bit short!) Here are some photos of my efforts
  7. Thats the age to start! Cute pics
  8. If you want to save the grip to use again do this. Push a medium size flat screwdriver down between grip & bar, then put the nossel of a air gun in space made. grip will balloon up, Then twist & pull & it will come off undamaged
  9. Hi all Had my suspension ( revalved & springs) done by K-Tech U/K Very satisfied with the results. For 205 lb expert rider the settings were 100mm sag. Comp ( top adj ) low speed out 12. Comp ( top adj ) High speed out 1 1/2 turns. Rebound ( bottom adj 10 out. Sag 25-30mm. With P/C pull rods. In my opinion, the standard suspension is one of the best of the 06 450s if you use the adjusters, but the addition of the P/c and K- Tech work has made it as near as dam it to a full works set up.
  10. Hi all Just a couple of pics of the 2 sets of wheels/rims i am running . They make a good contrast to how the bike looks now it is finished
  11. Hi Mvlco & Macke Thanks for your comments. Should have said N- style seat cover from BTO ca part of the Monster Graphics. Yes i shaped the foam Etc at home It sits very comfortable in the starting stance cant waite to try it out
  12. Hi all 2 photos of a N-Style stepped seat [ I hope].For us short guys?.Seat hight now 36.5 ins With rider sitting seat hight 33"
  13. Broke collerbone running in bike after 5 mins have spent last 5 weeks blinging up bike ready to enjoy riding again in 2 weeks
  14. 450 shrouds