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    Cold-Air XR 600 Jetting?

    I rode the thing on the ice last year and it started real hard in the cold... no big surprise, but the motor popped alot in decel. I bought 4 different main jets and decided to try a 170 just to experiment. At about 20F the bike started somewhat hard and it fired into the air box a few times until it warmed up. It seems considerably snappier but shoots 1 foot flames here and again. pretty cool. is it bad?
  2. bansheeater

    Cold-Air XR 600 Jetting?

    the main jet in it now is a 160. I believe stock is a 152.
  3. I need info on jetting a 97 XR 6 for conditions of 0-30 degrees f. I'm at about 500 feet. I bought the bike with a pro circuit pipe. I insulated the headers and put a Twin-Air filter on (snorkel removed) I'd like to run VP 104 and blast around the ice with proper jetting... help please?