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  1. Thanks Dwight, its a completely stock bike except for updated rear shocks. 40+ mi's is doable i would say.
  2. I bought one that last summer that was restored by previous owner and would like to do some local XC's and ISDE's. Wondering what the fuel range for stock tank is? Assuming open desert style riding? Many of the races do not allow remote fuel so i'm wondering if its even worth attempting on it. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Picked up a "new" bike last weekend for vintage mx and found a super clean WR with Works performance rear shocks for a good price. Bike went through complete restoration in '98, have all receipts from original owner. Its obvious it was taken care of, I went through anyway and replaced all fluids, cleaned filter, changed plug, pulled carb, etc. Everything looked great. Rubber boots aren't cracked, etc. Rode it for the first time this am, and had some issues. Under power it pulls well, but when you roll off the gas for a second, then roll it back on, it bogs, burbles, hiccups for about 3-4 seconds before it picks back up and pulls again. Plug looks good, doesn't hold a high idle after throttle blip like an air leak, any idea what it could be? I need to get this thing ready for the track asap. I have not checked reed valves yet, thats next. Appreciate any help
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Barton, i took the pilot back out and blasted it with compressed air, will soak and repeat. I have a 45 pilot in the mail. Checked the fuel mixture screw (zipty) when i had it out, o-ring was there in good shape. thanks:thumbsup:
  5. I forgot to mention i didn't replace the pilot jet..i'll pull that and see if its dirty at all, I gave it a look when I had the carb apart but i'll soak it in carb cleaner and see what happens. thanks,
  6. Our '05 WR250F was getting hard to start, valves were at tight end so I reshimmed and rejetted at same time. Added 1/4 turn throttle while i was at it. JD Blue needle, 5th clip from top 185 Main 42 Pilot Fuel Screw 1-3/4 out Thin Rubber O-ring on pump Snorkel removed from exhaust Bike will now start instantly, has crisp response, no bogging but WILL NOT IDLE. I was playing with it this winter trying to get it started and messed with the idle screw knob and now not sure where it needs to be. I turn it out as far as i can, in as far as i can, bike won't idle, everywhere in between,just burps and dies when you don't crack the throttle open a little. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Ok, so I poured through the jetting database trying to figure out why my wifes '05 WR250 runs so badly. It ran fine a year ago, so I checked the valves which are at the tight end of tolerances so i'm reshimming tommorrow. The bike flat won't start cold unless i spray carb cleaner down the plug hole. Took carb apart, seems clean. When i do get it running, choke must be on to start it again when warm. Then it runs like crap, bogs, chokes, won't idle, etc. Here's what i've got in it currently, Needle, Stock Main 172 Pilot 42 Stock Starter 72 Leak 95 (!) Leak jet seems twice as big as it should be compared to others in Oregon are 40-42 for same year bike. BIke won't idle and bogs when throttled. Ordered JD jet kit so i can use their needle and bigger main (175-185) Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  8. Does anyone make a 1/4 turn throttle for an '05 WR250F? This bike seems to be begging for one...did a search, came up with some Motion Pro that required custom cables, etc. thanks,
  9. Anybody know which 2T Kurt Caselli rides in WORCS and ISDE? They never say which model, only KTM....curious if he's on an XC or W. The two top XC pros here in oregon ride W's. That kinda suprised me with the forks being open cartridge and the wide ratio box. Not that i think they're running stock valving.
  10. Last year i went from a yz450f setup for XC to an '08 300XCW-e....i sold it within a month for the same amnt I paid for it. I must be the only person on earth who didn't like this bike, at the time it got bike of the year from one of the dirt rags. For me, the gappy transmission was super annoying (akin to turbo lag) and the suspension was way too softly sprung for my personal taste. The light weight was a godsend, and it started first kick so I could do without the battery and estart and lighten it even more. I'm now planning on picking up an XC model, top speed is approx same as my yz, but it sure is lighter for hustling through tight trees at speed and the yz is a nightmare on muddy roots, ruts. Read DirtRiders review of the XC with Jimmy Lewis, he flat loves the thing! just my 2 cents....think hard about what kind of riding you'll be doing before deciding.
  11. this seems to be a heated topic... I rode with Tim Morton in baja on my XR650R, he successfully campaigned a 250X against Hondas A team, came in second one year, said it was all about preserving the bike for the distance. And of course riding very fast. I guess the fact that he chose that bike for that even over a 450 is endorsement enough! He did say he did the Kibblewhite valvetrain on it tho, said it makes it almost as reliable as an XR. Are the CCC mods just a cam, HC piston and header? thanks for all the info,
  12. I have an '07 250R that I really like but I need another bike for local enduros/xc races and I"m wondering how the X model stacks up for power, i know its a different machine with different power characteristics but i'm currently riding a yz450 setup for desert racing. Frankly, it wears me out after a couple hours so i'm wondering if an X model with its e start and lighter weight might be the way to go. I remember when they first came out the x and R were seperated by 9hp or so, is that still the case? Any help info appreciated.
  13. those look trick, i'll have to pick some up, never seen them before. Yes, the airbox has a drain hole, there was only a little water in the airbox, pulled the filter, nothing got past it. H2O must have gotten in through the exhaust tips and while riding it through some deeper puddles, heck, there was standing water everywhere. I'll just ride it and hope for the best, smoke does dissappear after its warmed up. thx all.
  14. Dealers mechanic who raced here in the NW for years said its fairly common for water to get into these bikes given our miserable winter conditions, probably just put premature wear on the rings, said to race it next weekend and see how it does. Oil is good now, so I guess I'll know next weekend if i really screwed the pooch....
  15. just got done flushing the engine oil three times, looks good now but getting a little blue smoke when i choke it or rev it. NOW i'm getting a sinking feeling. Calling local dealer/mechanic to ask their advice, will post. Not really revving it, just giving it a little twist of the throttle to vary rpms.
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