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  1. irdave

    07 kx250 port map?

    I found the map for the 04 from the guys in Canada (thanks), which is THE engine characteristic I'm looking for. So I'm trying to figure out the required changes to my 07 cylinder to make it more like the 04... And I'm having difficulty finding the 07 port map... Anyone know where to find one? Thanks.
  2. irdave

    Race Tech VS Factory Connection

    The local guy is usually a good choice. I mean, if you don't like it you can walk in the door and talk to him about it. If you send it off to FC or anywhere, well, if you don't like it, you can box it up and send it back and maybe it'll come back different...
  3. irdave

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    That would be great. I'm in Fort Collins. But it'll have to wait for a little bit- been so busy with all the race seasons getting started and everybody wanting fresh suspension, I think I've been out on my bike once so far this year. The Ohlins can be amazing. I just had a Fox RC3 show up yesterday- shortened it up 14mm today (it was originally for a kx250F) and started working on the valving. Fancy coatings are sweet.
  4. irdave

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    Yep, at elevation it's interesting. I've been through several needles, including the one from the 04, and am down to a 36 or a 38 for a slow jet. Getting the jetting right helps a ton, but the '04 was just a special engine. It would be interesting to compare the port maps from the 04 and the 07... I know very little about 2 stroke porting, but I bet you could learn a lot looking at those 2... And I just sent a box off to Basalt today with reworked suspension in it for the upcoming road race season. Small world.
  5. irdave

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

  6. irdave

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    I've totally derailed this thread- sorry. On topic, I've got a Fox RC3 showing up at the shop tomorrow for testing... Off topic, please tell me more about preloading the powervalve spring...
  7. irdave

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    And actually I prefer to run shorter gearing and do the nasty stuff in 2nd instead of first...
  8. irdave

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    46mm 8 sided guy. The 04 was a monster down low. My friends that rode anything else use to curse me after they rode my 04. I've got the biggest flywheel weight Steahly makes, and I cheat and run the stupid heavy Bridgestone tubes to do the same thing out at the wheels. It all helps, but the 07 is nothing like the 04. My bike came with a PC pipe and silencer. I got my hands on a good stock pipe, so I'm going to try that. Retarding the ignition is next. Then the real stuff- head and cylinder work. I've been trying to leave it all stock, but I don't know it'll be possible. Maybe a smaller bore carb? And most of my riding is above 8,000 feet, so...
  9. irdave

    Modernizing 2005 kx 250 susupension1

    Wow. It's possible to make the shock do what ever you want- and please don't cut anything. If you want to make it shorter, just put a spacer inside. The pistons in the fork are very low flow. For woods riding something that flows more makes a huge difference. We're looking at getting some parts made to address this exact issue and create some valving options. I'd suggest to the OP that if he doesn't like the revalve, take it back to the tuner and explain what he doesn't like. And yeah, the late model KYB fork (2011, 12 kx450f) is an amazing fork. So easy to revalve and make nice for trail riding. My question, as a suspension guy, is how do I get my '07 engine to act like my old '04 engine?
  10. irdave

    Clickers not working? No damping?

    Just take it back and ask- we all try to be perfect but sometimes stuff gets missed. Should still work (poorly) with no nitrogen.
  11. These are actually really pretty nice. We've been through several sets- coatings on the inside. Nice. The ones on the Gas Gas get a LOT nicer after a proper going through.
  12. irdave

    Fork wrench and other tools question

    Yeah, I've got an 07- heavy flywheel weight made a big difference. Even bigger was proper jetting, especially the slow jet. And extensively modified suspension, including some prototype fork pistons we're looking into taking to production.
  13. irdave

    VOR barn find! Should I?

    Yeah, it'd be a lot of work. A lot. And not cheap or easy. Dan at MotoXotica in CA is the place to start. I had an 01 400 En and still have a 2002 400 En-e as street SM and a 2002 530 SMRC. Massive amounts of fun. Almost impossible to get parts for... But when I want to go ride, I take my 07 KX250. Cheap, easy. And as posted above, they're rare. I was at Miller Motorsports Park several years ago working a race and had the SMRC with me. The Motoczysz guys were there testing a prototype. And they were drooling on my VOR.
  14. irdave

    VOR: Possible flywheel/magnet solution...

    Sold the VOR with the Dell Orto. This bike came from someone, I guess, that was some sort of VOR rep here in the area- has an FCR, and an Ohlins fork. It is just a serious pain to get to the carb- so I tend to not get to it until I feel like rebuilding the shock at the same time.
  15. irdave

    VOR: Possible flywheel/magnet solution...

    Honestly, if I remember correctly, I got so frustrated that we just wedged something (a piece of a feeler gauge?) between the magnets and the flywheel and tried starting it. We picked some starting point, then just rotated the magnets in some prescribed manner until the thing tried to start. At that point we tried to find some reference marks which might have been relevant. At about (whatever the book says- 36?) it seemed to work pretty good so we glued them in place. Runs fine now. Assuming you have it not perfect, a couple of degrees of advance helps a little here and hurts a little there, but running pretty good is WAY better than not running at all. Hell, the jetting on that bike is still off- let alone a couple degrees of advance.