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  1. suzarai71

    Strange wear pattern on MT21 front tire

    Thanx all, I've bumped it up from 18psi to 24psi... I'll see how she fairs... the MT21 on the rear, is about 80% worn, but still works fine, and since it's now quite a bit wider, those side lugs still fling a lot of the wet stuff sweet, and it still grips within reason for such wear. I'll see if I can squeze out another 2,000 out of them still... R.
  2. Would anyone know why my front tire (MT-21), would get it so that the center lug (single lug), would be untouched, but the next following pair (side by side lugs) would be worn down to the tube? This would alternate every other lug all the way around the tire. 5,000 Miles. R.
  3. suzarai71

    Hi Altitude Problems

    It's mixed... I'm curious, so I do get off the blacktop whenever I need to unwind for a bit - so dust is a factor as I usually go with a buddy. 70mph speed limit, and I keep up with traffic + I carry 10L gas, & I'm 200#, and travel heavy. Power is good, but mix seems too rich. Absolutely no problems of any sort at lower altitudes, just one stretch of road. I'll try to open 'er up as a quick fix - tx! R.
  4. suzarai71

    Hi Altitude Problems

    Does anyone know of a "quick" highway fix to high altitude carb problems on a stock DRZ? I live by the coast, but travel often in excess of 4,500ft up hills where she cuts out momentarily (I'm guessing plugs are fowled?), and drinks gas twice as much as she should. Doesn't do it often, but enough to let you know, it's hurting. I've got a manual for the DRZ, but they keep telling you "not" to touch anything from the factory carb settings - are they just toying with me? Or is there a valid factory reason for this? Did I miss something in the manual? R
  5. suzarai71

    Anyone else get pulled over alot?

    Only got pulled over once, and that was when I was saw a cop, changed my driving habits for no good reason at all, was just asked me to stay safe. For the most part, cops "like" Enduro's, and realize that most motorbike riders, are safe. But, there are real cops, and there are the one's hate being bored, and most, can be found in small towns. I get looked over in small rural towns (best guess is they don't see too many "licensed" dirt bikes on the street), but in Vancouver, it's like, eh... just another bike in the rain! R.
  6. suzarai71

    On road / off road Tyre choice

    Just got new 2006 DRZ400S (yellow!) 6 weeks ago - zero mods yet, love it - ordered Per MT21s front and rear before it left the showroom floor, front still looks brand new - rears, I'd say are about 40% down, I ride most days to work 100Km return on it - gas prices here in Canada are still near $1/Ltr - so ~$3.75Cdn per trip to work, compared to my Jeep's $20 per trip. I ride trail, and de-comm forestry roads on weekends (mostly packed gravel, sand, light mud, light rivers, ~6" rocks), rain, mud, and snow (trail - like yesterday, not crazy enough to do snow on street yet). Tires is very decent on the trail, Great on dry stuff, but - when wet, and cornering, under acceleration on street, rear can "slip" and wake you up a bit, even when being nice to the throttle (@~+1-3deg Celc). Mind you, a lot of that can be with the wear due to excessive street riding (My MT35s on my Jeep look like they got brushed with a chainsaw, <siping, better traction in the rain > the DRZ's are nearly slick), and oh ya, it's cold up here. 3,100Km. But, like I said, back and forth to work. The only time the tires get a work out, is on the weekends - where street tired would cause me spills easy. Great tires I think all round. R.