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    We love to ride, fish, and almost any other sport that can be done outside.
  1. Captain Wipeout

    Croom today

    We have been riding in ONF, but with hunting season going on we will not be riding there again until Mid-January. How is the Croom on the weekends? We haven't been riding out there for several years.
  2. Captain Wipeout

    clutch help

    Thanks so much for the advice. I will try the shifter change and see if that helps. I guess the last thing do is just change out the clutch. A John Deere Tractor can't outrun a bumble bee!
  3. Captain Wipeout

    clutch help

    OK, I have been having problems with the clutch on our ttr125. When the clutch is engaged (lever pulled), I cannot move the bike. I can only move the bike freely when it is in neutral. Also, the bike slips out of gear into neutral while trail riding. I have adjusted the lever so the play is to specs. I have also changed to the oil. I have a Honda CRF230 and it moves easily with the clutch engaged. I am pretty much at a loss. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Could I possibly need a new clutch? FYI - This bike is a 2005 and was purchased from a father who bought it for his daughter. One spill and she did not want the bike anymore. From what we were told and what we have ridden the bike has about 15-20 hours on it.