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  1. crayfish_13

    My buddy came over with his TT-R 230 today

    CRF all the way i've ridden both my friend had a 2003 ttr 230 or whatever it is then he tried my bike and sold his and bought a 2004 crf 230 and he loves it. CRF owns TT-R anyday.
  2. crayfish_13

    OMFG this would hurt....

    why was that guy riding across the track anyways?? Thanks i've never seen it before
  3. crayfish_13

    CRF 230 Extras

    Victoria on the island
  4. crayfish_13

    CRF 230 Extras

    I have a 2004 CRF 230 and i don't know what to do next I already got a power up kit but i don't know if I should get a big bore kit or a new exhaust?? Does anyone have any suggestions or anything else i should get first oh ya one more thing is it a good idea to get new handle bars one of my friend told me i should but i don't now?? Thanks
  5. crayfish_13

    some pics from canada

  6. crayfish_13

    canada rocks

    I love in Victoria and its awsome i go the nanimo track or the trails at shwni and cowichan. I have a crf 230 with power up kit and its sooo fun
  7. crayfish_13

    Crf R F X

    k thanks
  8. crayfish_13

    230 for a big 12 yr old

    Im 14 and 5'5 its a bit big but i think it would be perfect for him, there awsome bikes, i used to have a yamaha 80 a really old one but it was still fun, but the 230 is soooo much fun me and my dad both got one and my dads 6'1 and 220 and hes fine. Crayfish
  9. crayfish_13

    ttr 230 or crf 230

    Hey i bought my 05 crf 230 amazing bike i weight 220 lbs. and im 60ft its awsome for jumps, i heard the tt-r has had some problems so get the honda really worht it to put a power up kit for wheelies
  10. crayfish_13

    Crf R F X

    I have a question what does the r, f or x stand for after the crf on a honda?? Thanks Crayfish