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  1. Quick Draw

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Hey all. I happened to log in for the first time in several months. I noticed that my PM inbox is full of questions, mostly regarding wiring for lights. Honestly, I haven't turned a bolt on a bike for close to two years now. I don't remember any of this information. I know that some of it is incorrect, outdated, incomplete, etc. Unfortunately I just don't have the time (or the motivation) to relearn everything and sort it out. So don't PM me if you expect a response. I wish I could tell you who to PM, but I really don't have any idea who would be the best to seek out at this point. For the sake of continuing what could be a good resource someday, could the moderators take this thread over? How about those of you who are more informed (and like to post up that I'm wrong years after I wrote this) suggest ways to edit it to make it better. Then the moderator could edit my original post based on input from all of you. I think that would be a decent idea, as I am never going to get around to revising it. A word of warning: There are 1000 ways to build a bike, and everybody wants to see their option listed too. And soon it becomes a mess. So if I were to do it again, I would keep it very broad, and teach the reader to do their own research based on what they want for their own bike. For example, on the fork swap subject: First provide some common fork swaps. But then, instead of providing the model of every single bike whose parts can be robbed, provide a resource that explains fork swaps and what to look for to find the fork setup that is right for you. Then maybe add a resource that lists the specifications of many forks from many different bikes. This would take a lot of work, but I'm definitely not the guy to do it. Between all of you, I think you could make a great compilation of info here.
  2. Quick Draw

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Oh man, I'm going to have to save this.. Okay... 14 right? Hmm... That explains a lot. Oh well in that case, your right. The 2000s hate back pressure, but only 2000. I think I'm starting to see a connection here. Maybe you should read up on the first post here on the suspension tips. What? I can't say that I've ever seen a STOCK one. A 250lb 14 y/o that talks like you is. OMG. New signature quote. They make a special seal pulling tool. I recommend it.
  3. Quick Draw

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Sorry no. I'm back from the dead (figuratively speaking), to shut this idea down. By removing the spark arrestor you are: A. Making your bike illegal to ride pretty much anywhere B. Shutting down our trails with your noise C. Not allowing enough back pressure...something that 200s love... D. Actually killing your low end torque. You may end up with better throttle response. Maybe a little blip of extra power on WOT. But these other "gains" are merely the "it sounds faster" mentality as Old School Al would say. It's not going to be even close to 5 hp (why do people make stuff up?), because that's about a 35-40% increase in your overall power....not going to happen with an opened up pipe. BTW...hi everybody... long time no see.
  4. Quick Draw

    seat mod XR200R

    Good idea! That sounds like something I need to do... Got any pics?
  5. Quick Draw

    What u think of these jet. specs for 4500 ft?

    Heh...flatlanders make me laugh.... Just kidding, but damn, I live at 7,500 feet, and I'm in a pretty low spot compared to stuff around me. Generally stock jettting is sufficient up to about 5,000 feet. Keep your jetting the same, and toss in a filter, and you'll be fine. That will even everything out. If you run a pipe, you will actually have to run it richer than stock. Don't go with California jetting. It's not designed for your altitude, its designed to get the motor really hot, underpowered, and "green".
  6. Quick Draw

    What u think of these jet. specs for 4500 ft?

    Just looked at the sticky. I see what you're saying. Somebody had me copy and paste that info in long after it was first written. Somehow it ended up in that stupid spot right in the middle of the intake mods section. There's lots I need to fix on there....when I get the chance.
  7. Quick Draw

    What u think of these jet. specs for 4500 ft?

    BTW, sounds like you're running rich. Toss in a Uni or TwinAir filter, and you can probably keep the jetting about the same.
  8. Quick Draw

    What u think of these jet. specs for 4500 ft?

    I either put those stock specs in a stupid spot, or you read that wrong. That statement refers to the "uncorking mods" that require rejetting to see full potential.....not those stock jetting specs.
  9. Quick Draw

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Is that still on there? Oops....
  10. Quick Draw

    xr 200 front fender

    Tried an '01 CR250 fender because I happened to have it. ....Doesn't fit.
  11. Quick Draw

    Source for Trail 90 jets?

    I'm currently rebuilding a '75 Honda Trail 90 for a friend. The carburetor was pretty messed up, but now it's mostly rebuilt except for the main jet, which was unfortunately lost forever down a huge concrete crack, that would be impossible to fish it out of. The thing was hopelessly clogged anyway. So I need a new main jet. I contacted my local Honda dealer, who informed me that they are no longer available. Any other sources I should try?
  12. Quick Draw

    XR200R Modification Guide

    I don't unfortunately. Probably so old that it got deleted out of archives....it used to work. Sorry. I don't really remember what it contained but basically you need to make a spacer for the steering stem is the main thing. They use the same bearings, but the stems are different lengths.
  13. Quick Draw

    weekend xr200 karnage

    Wow...impressive....you rode it like that?!?
  14. Quick Draw

    Misaligned Front Forks!

    Heh....good point....didn't think of that, but that's right. They would slide up a little further than wanted that way...
  15. Quick Draw

    Misaligned Front Forks!

    Just loosen all of the fork clamp bolts, straighten it, then tighten them back up.