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  1. fosbibr

    VDR Sunday 8/7

    ahhh it was just the little downhill jump. just didn't get the bike straightened out after the turn and swapped it a little and pretty much landed sidewise. and i have a nasty gash on my inner thigh where I think I hit the bars. A couple inches to the right and I'd be speaking with a higher pitch so much for the last run of the day!!!
  2. fosbibr

    Colorado VDR Sunday 8/7

    Wanted to thank everyone that helped me out yesterday after my fun get off. Thanks to all for helping me get my bike off the track, getting me up and helping us load the truck. Shoulder is merely separated (not a broken collar bone) as I had thought. Now both shoulders have been separated...... Fun stuff Brandon
  3. fosbibr

    VDR Vet MX Series?

    So Pete For the GP, just curious what's the start set up? Gate? Live engine? I'll be there I need to redeem myself after some bad WeBe race showings (two mechanical's in the past two races). Thanks B
  4. fosbibr

    Who is going to WEBE Angel Fire??

    well, the C guys were doing 20 minute laps if they didnt flip the bike while going uphill into a tree root and then the bike gets stuck upside down in the trees on a downhill slope between two of those trees requiring a rider to pull the bike UPHILL to get it out. Then of course the bike is flooded to sh!t and the rider is exhausted to H E L L. That said, the lap time could be a little longer. Just a littttttttttttttle bit. So, if you know that "C" rider that did that....... hint, hint, hint, hint, you could ask him to try and find the video. Especially of the flip. Seriously, it's a great event. From what WeBe has let on, it will be a different course. But how often do you get to ride ON THE SKI MOUNTAIN???? There's enough open areas to take over people, but there's quite a bit of tighter single track.
  5. fosbibr

    Who is going to WEBE Angel Fire??

    I'll be there. Could be talked into the team race on Saturday if anybody's looking for a partner........ B
  6. fosbibr

    Colorado VDR Track changes

    Pete Thanks for the subtle track changes. They work well. I like the step up going into the table - except for the 1st time I hit it and came up just a bit short and got hit in the jewels. I did not like that. Question for anybody who's ridden there lately: the small jump (after the step down and the 180) leading to the bigger double (kind of going north) - are you getting kicked on that jump? Every time I hit it seemed to throw the rear end up. Could be me. I think its me. is it me?
  7. fosbibr

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    Big Pollock - do you have the AUDIO to go along with the start of the race? Saw you kicking your bike well after the start of your wave. If that was me, I'm sure we'd be hearing some choice words.
  8. yep. call them back (and call them back again). I just did my WR400, was told that all the whell and brake adaptors were the correct ones. Well, the 1st problem - they said to use the stock speedo side wheel adaptor on the front - that didnt work. So they sent a YZ adaptor - again didnt work. Finally, they sent something else and it now works. 2nd problem - brake caliper adaptor would rub against the far edge of the rotor. They sent another one - same problem. Finally, resorted to grinding the edges of the rotor. This is after I ordered the kit to fit a '99 wr400 and reiterated the fact it was a 99 wr400. So yes, this is a common problem with this kit.
  9. Hey, Just curious - for those of you with a Rekluse installed - how long is your clutch lasting? I know this depends on quite a bit of different factors, but just trying to get a feel. Thanks B
  10. fosbibr

    VDR 3-12-11 anybody

    ok, i'll roll in a little after that. it's a little bit of a drive for me.
  11. fosbibr

    VDR 3-12-11 anybody

    Billy - I'll try and make it. When you say early........... What's your definition?
  12. fosbibr

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    Billy - glad to see your son had a great time. I think I saw the two of you when we were leaving. I apologize for not recognizing you right away - I pretty much left everything on the track and slept on the drive home.
  13. fosbibr

    1st year attempt at Pikes Peak

    Very jealous. I filled out the application and got to the payment page. Something creeped into the back of my mind..... do I have something else going on that week? D'OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had gotten myself very excited about this and all for naught. At least I'll have the opportunity to watch the race. Next Year. Next Year.
  14. fosbibr

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    i'd like to avoid conditions that are comparable to the last race.......
  15. fosbibr

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    Grinstead - Thanks for reminding me how bad it was. What would have been really entertaining would have been video of everyone TRYING to load their bikes up. With the extra 40lbs of mud, with boots which have 20lbs of extra mud, tires which have turned to slicks due to all the extra mud and the two inches of mud over frozen ground. That was a fun fun time. I'm kind of upset the video doesnt show anyone's tire sliding perpendicular while on a straight (as mine did). Or sliding out on a jump face (as mine did). Or sliding out on a jump landing (as mine did). Riding in adverse conditions just make you a better rider. I hope to never ride in adverse conditions like that again.