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  1. detroitmuscle

    Galdwin 5/26

    DNR announced they are going to reopen the middle north loop of Gladwin on Memorial Day weekend. I know it's not the greatest to ride, but it's close for me!
  2. Anyone know what leak jet sizes come in this kit? Right now I'm running the red needle@5, 172 main, and 45 pilot @500ft. Only mods are a twin air power filter, and Dr. D exhaust. Runs great from roll on to top, just trying to get the bottom crisper. Thought before trying the ap lever mod I would try some different leak jets.
  3. detroitmuscle

    Polka Dots Practice

    http://www.ama-d14.org/ I think you can find more info here
  4. detroitmuscle

    2002 wr 426 jetting in mi

    If you still have the stock needle and jets, I would put them back in, and set it up stock as the manual calls for and go from there. Had mine out today, 50* felt like 70!
  5. detroitmuscle

    too rich!

    Did you replace the piston and rings? how did the cylinder look? And are you mixing your oil at 32:1
  6. detroitmuscle

    Does your CRF450R Use oil?

    It will go down some after you run it because you are filling the oil filter and and cavity up. Next time after changing the oil, run it for just a few min. and see how much it's down then. I'll bet it's close to where you're at now.