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  1. DNR announced they are going to reopen the middle north loop of Gladwin on Memorial Day weekend. I know it's not the greatest to ride, but it's close for me!
  2. Anyone know what leak jet sizes come in this kit? Right now I'm running the red needle@5, 172 main, and 45 pilot @500ft. Only mods are a twin air power filter, and Dr. D exhaust. Runs great from roll on to top, just trying to get the bottom crisper. Thought before trying the ap lever mod I would try some different leak jets.
  3. I think you can find more info here
  4. If you still have the stock needle and jets, I would put them back in, and set it up stock as the manual calls for and go from there. Had mine out today, 50* felt like 70!
  5. Did you replace the piston and rings? how did the cylinder look? And are you mixing your oil at 32:1
  6. It will go down some after you run it because you are filling the oil filter and and cavity up. Next time after changing the oil, run it for just a few min. and see how much it's down then. I'll bet it's close to where you're at now.