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  1. i ride there too. im usually parked on S22 on Holly RD. I ride a 2005 YZ250. I usually ride with a dude on a Husky TE450 05' (so yellow and blue). but anyway nice vid. hope to eventually catchup one of these daies allways nice to find more ridding buddies.
  2. i had an 86' yz250 an 89' yz250 and now i have an 05' yz250 and from the all i gathered the cheracteristics are allmost the same, fast, best for turning and the best bulitproof engine on the market. even the suspenshion on the 86' and 89' I had where very responsive and had good reflexes to every type of terain. the gearing is much different on the tallness of gears, and the powere valve on my 05' is a big differance, not to mention the alluminum frame. But overall alluminum frame or not the YZ is still going to out perform the ohter 2-strokes.
  3. I own an 05' rode an 06' and 07' the only feedback is that with the adjustments I made to make my suspenion plusher is allready set up on the newer models. The motor is the best iv ever riden in my life In the past I had a 1989 YZ250 that was awsome to, but this ew bike is ofcourse light years from that.
  4. id do it, that is a sweet bike to git for an 03' yz250F, newer and better, not to mention less mantinace compared to your 4-stroke to. I myself have an 05" yz250 and you will love how light the fill is with the alluminum frame and all. All though u got alot of stuff on your 03' the value of the bike is no grater than stock, cuse I work at chaparral motorsports and if u traded it in you would git close to nuthing for it, so you are giting a awsome deal.
  5. thanks guies this has been helpfull, I just need to know now how much it will cost, oh by the way does the same year wr have to meat the same year smoker or does it matter, thanks
  6. hello everyone I was wondering if it is possible to make a 2005 YZ250 a wide ratio like thay first where in like 1992 and 1993, if the same trany would work in the motor I have to make it a better desert bike, cuse I dont want to git rid of my baby but neither do i want to blow it up tryin to do 100MPH either. Any sugestions or responsis on peolpe whow have actually don ethis would be gratefull
  7. I would start out by gitting a new cluch cable, and go from there, your cable may be streched too. It might be a cheep fix.
  8. i use super-M buy maxima its good stuff
  9. i have ridden KTMs and 1 05' TE450 husky and the husky is much better. they last longer to, shoot I got a 1978 CR390 husky that still runs like new buy the way its also for sale ( local pickup only) P.M. me if any 1 is interested. KTMs dont ride like every1 raves about they actualy fill like ur driving it in the ground with the rake being the way that it is, not to mention they dont hold there value for what u paied for it at the dealership. There motors are very good, but expensive to fix too. Any happy shoping. GALLOM
  10. i have a gnarly and the shorty scilince on my bike the thang will climb about whatever u point the front wheel. the review was good. I use stock jetting. I thank ur problem with spoge SRhines, is the clip on the neddle jet. I live i california too,and I dont have a problem im high or low altitude.OH my bike is an 05' YZ250 check out me garage. thank u will like it.
  11. does the WR gears make the gear ratio taller, or is it still short like the original way the bike was?????
  12. there good bikes my buddie has an 05' te 450. he had a problem with the gasket between the oil cases(manufacture defect). fixed it for free (only because he got the mantinace plan. Other then that no problems with the bike. Its realy fast and has tuns of low end. suspenshion is state of the art for a sweedish bike. it got top 3 in dirt rider magazene for 2005 (enduro cross). hope this helps.
  13. shooot thats a good pricw i bought mine brand new for $6,217 and that was with the deal of the "house", cuse i worked at a dirt bike shop, so I'd say that sound like a real good deal for an 05' YZ250
  14. eney where from 1989 to 1992. I had a 1989 YZ250 and 1992 parts fit, some parts needed minor modification but it worked. not really shure if those thangs u need you could take from anothe year to work, I'd just go with that model year.
  15. all i could say is git the baha kit for it and give it a shot.