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  1. Dear all, I'm looking for details about the 1LN motor that comes with my '85 TT250 Yamaha. Does anybody know if there was a workshop manual produced for the 1985 tt250 yamaha? I can only find manuals from Haynes / Clymer for 80-84 tt's or later model tt250's - all of which had different engines... Failing that.... were there any other model bikes (ie xt's) that came out with this same engine? Thanks in advance Nick
  2. Dear all, I've recently bought an Australian 1985 model Yamaha TT250 and have begun tidying it up before I go out riding. I would like to check the valve clearances but have no idea what they should be. I've had no luck finding a workshop manual so far.... Does anybody know what the inlet and exhaust valve clearences should be? Also, is there a workshop manual available for this bike? If it helps, the motor I have is the "1LN" type (single 250cc with dual exhaust ports and 2 carbies) Thanks in advance Regards Nick