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  1. freestylendude

    staggs racing shock review

    contact vince at TBoltusa he can hook you up with one.
  2. freestylendude

    crf 50 rear shock ???

    Stagg's racing shock its cheap and works great! go talk to vince at TBoltusa he can get you one.
  3. freestylendude

    crf 50 rear shock ???

    I believe that the fox air shocks run about $290... You could buy two Stagg's racing shocks for what that thing costs. And I doubt that it works twice as good.
  4. freestylendude

    crf 50 rear shock ???

    yes the shock will have no problem. contact vince at tboltusa. he can hook you up with one.
  5. freestylendude

    crf 50 rear shock ???

    I Would seriously look at a stagg's racing shock. its a great shock and is a great budget shock. Here is a review I wrote on it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=306288 if you have any questions about it let me know.
  6. Hey guys im new here but just thought i would let you guys see this. Ok guys here is the scoop on the stagg’s racing shock. I got the shock just in time to go test it out at the race last night at racetown. When you first look at this shock it looks awesome, the quality of the shock is great. If any of you have been to racetown you know that if you race there you put your gear through hell. LOL anyways I put the shock on my 04 CRF50 right before practice, I went out on the track I had it set a little on the stiff side, but believe me there is plenty of adjustment on the shock. IMO the shock is just as good as my Ishock LE I had on my bike earlier in the day. If it were up to me I would much rather buy a Stagg’s Racing shock for $139.99 that works just as good as an Ishock LE for $340.00. thanks Matt