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  1. I've looked at eBay Italy and saw alot of parts. That may be an option.
  2. Check out ebay. Brake discs and levers are available, sprockets and front fenders aren't too hard to find. Things like new plastics are really tough.
  3. Baja Designs in San Diego rewind s stators
  4. How about one on ebay for a crf450 ? Item number 191782096739
  5. Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/motors/link/?nav=item.view&id=371053287473&alt=web
  6. Wow ! That stings !
  7. Or a Husaberg dealer they kick from the opposite side.
  8. I'd take it to a KTM dealer and see if they can match you up with one.
  9. Gears are on ebay...
  10. Baja Designs near San Diego can rebuild it
  11. What are you looking for ?
  12. http://www.tmukonline.net/Page/116/vor-motorcycles.html http://www.motoxotica.com/index.php/shopping/motorcycles-parts-catalogs
  13. Yep I belong to AAA, I'll have the wife run the numbers to see if it can be registered here. If it can't I'll just have to keep it VT registered. I guess showing them a pic of your plate may just get you in trouble which I don't want a all.
  14. The DMV said they had no emissions info on it and wanted to green sticker it. This was in 99. I plated it in Vermont but want to switch it to Cailf.