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  1. leelikesbikes

    I tried the trials tire and...

    Hi gang. I ran a Michelin X-11 this summer and just put on a Maxxis Desert IT -- pretty much opposite tires on the same trails and tracks in the Colorado Front Range. My impressions: - X-11 is awesome for going slow. Excellent roll-on traction, seemingly no matter how loose it was. - X-11 excellent in low-traction, slow situations. Wet rocks, etc. - X-11 lasted a long time. A full summer, about 3X longe than a Dunlop 952. Really. The center knobs are worn but still grip fine, but the side knobs are tearing off. That's why I replaced it. - The Desert IT not as grippy in low speed tech. If it's loose or you have momentum you're set, but it doesn't glom onto off camber rocks like the X-11. - IT feels better all around. More cornering hook, better brake control, much better in mud/snow, better acceleration on anything loose. I come from a downhill MTB background, and this was my first season on a moto. I think the X-11 helped me gain confidence. Now that I'm going faster and more aggressively, I think I'll run a knobby. Rock. -- Lee
  2. leelikesbikes

    How fast to hit my jump?

    I have charts on my mountain bike site, www.leelikesbikes.com. The physics are the same, but the speeds have been increased to protect the innocent ... http://www.leelikesbikes.com/formulas-for-building-jumps.html
  3. I ran one for a season. You definitely want it snug. One thing I noticed: The hard chest armor kinda dug into my belly when I bent my torso forward. Not that you should be bending your torso forward ...
  4. http://www.leelikesbikes.com/water-crossings-dont-do-this.html
  5. leelikesbikes

    Mental Conditioning

    Look for visual reference points. Continually scan for braking points, turn entrances, jumps, clever lines, etc. This keeps your mind focused, plus it helps you ride your best.
  6. leelikesbikes

    Waterproofing your Intake??

    A bit off point, but here's how NOT to cross a river ... http://www.leelikesbikes.com/water-crossings-dont-do-this.html
  7. leelikesbikes

    Effect of partly crushed head pipe?

    Hi guys. Here's a naive one from a downhill mtb racer just turned to moto. The head pipe on my 2005 CRF450X is bent and partly crushed in a couple spots. I'd say it's maybe 1/4 to 1/3 blocked, if that. The bike starts and runs fine, but I feel like it's not as snappy as it way. You're probably saying "Duh!" What specific effect will this blockage have? Low end, mid range, high end, acne?
  8. leelikesbikes

    Submerged bike

    Hey guys. 1. What's the protocol when you drop your moto (2005 CRF450X) in three feet of water? ... I know, don't drop it in the first place ... 2. I did get it restarted and rode it out. The engine oil was fine, but the tranny had water in it. I changed both the engine and tranny oil. Is that adequate? What else must I do? Thanks!
  9. leelikesbikes

    Submerged bike

    Hey guys. 1. What's the protocol when you drop your moto (2005 CRF450X) in three feet of water? ... I know, don't drop it in the first place ... 2. I did get it restarted and rode it out. The engine oil was fine, but the tranny had water in it. I changed that oil. Is that adequate? Thanks!
  10. leelikesbikes

    excercises for off road riding

    Yep, mountain biking is great. You get the right kind of strength and endurance, plus you get skills. The ultimate training for guys with tight schedules: the pump track. Never heard of one? You can fit one in your backyard, and you can RIP without pedaling. It's super high effort, high skill and high FUN. Check this out: http://www.leelikesbikes.com/category/cool-rides/pump-tracks/ http://www.leelikesbikes.com/better-homes-and-pump-tracks.html
  11. leelikesbikes

    OK, where should your bars be?

    I thought you'd say that! On a downhill or slalalom bicycle I like to have the bars right there when I'm standing upright with straight arms. When you thrust your hips forward, that makes for a powerful sprinting position. Get up to speed then get in a nice, low attack position. I'll try that measurement on the moto. I feel awesome with my stock CRF-X setup, except uphill. I feel like I'm too far back. That could definitely be habit, though, coming from mountain biking. I was hoping you'd give me a perfectly reproducible formula, but oh well ... Riding local singetrack tomorrow. Yipee!
  12. I'm looking for advice about the ideal up/down and fore/aft position. When you're standing on the pegs, should you be reaching out, down, backward or what? Thanks all! http://www.leelikesbikes.com/
  13. leelikesbikes

    Front-end deflection

    Dwight, thanks so much. How much pressure do you suggest in front? I know, basic question ... Also, my front has only bottomed at the MX track. Never even close on trail. And the sag is WAY short of 100mm. Should I go to a softer spring? I'm not super light -- 185lbs without gear. 2005 CRF450X.
  14. leelikesbikes

    Front-end deflection

    Thanks. I meant, where is your rebond set? Stock? In a few clicks? Out a few clicks? I'm trying to figure out how much of the violence is coming from the compression stroke, and how much is coming from rebound.
  15. leelikesbikes

    Front-end deflection

    Thanks. I've been trying way softer, and it's pretty hard to control. Where's your rebound? Recent rides: http://www.leelikesbikes.com/cement-mountain-trail-crested-butte-co.html http://www.leelikesbikes.com/sweet-local-moto-singletrack.html