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  1. Thanks for the help! I already ordered the lower triple clamp from Bike Bandit when I saw your link above... I will post results once we replace everything... I do have another question though. The manual shows a special tool to take off, and later torque back on that odd slotted nut that goes just below the cap and washer on top of this piece in the upper triple clamp. Is this special tool really necessary? I was able to take it off by carefully tapping it w/ a straight screwdriver at an angle - I can similarly tighten it back up the same way - good idea or bad? Thanks, B
  2. As best as I can now tell, it seems the lower part of the triple clamp (hope I'm calling it by the correct name) is bent. It is this part: http://www.bikebandit.com/suzuki-motorcycle-rm85l-2008/o/m18159 Click on the Front Fork Bracket schematic from the choices it gives you... It would then be Part #1... It seems one side of this lower clamp is slightly bent up from the other... It is subtle though and you can only see it by removing it and lining your sight up and comparing one to the other... Thoughts?
  3. Hello and thanks for the reply! Yes we did loosen the triple clamps and worked the wheel into the exact straight position with the handlebars (not bent) and then carefully tightened everything back down w/ correct torque specs going back in forth while tightening from one side to the other to keep things straight. The problem is that after 10 minutes or less of riding normally it is back to this bent position as though that is where it now wants to seat... I would be happy to post a pic but I am not sure how to do that... Should I be looking at replacing the triple clamp - or tell me how to post a pic and I'll do it right away... Hope this can be of use to others in the future as well... Thanks, Brian
  4. Hello all, My son has a 2008 RM85L - has had a couple of wrecks in the past 2 months - one of which the bike landed upside down on the front handlebars & seat - what fun We noticed that the front wheel was not straight in alignment with the frame - handlebars, etc. Tried the simple method of just bending things back in place but this didn't work. Today we took off the front wheel, removed the forks and triple clamps. Didn't see any apparent damage on any parts so I carefully put everything back together following torque specs in the book. My problem is the front wheel still will not stay in alignment after just a few minutes of riding it seems to want to 'lock' back into this position about 12-18% to the right. Does anyone have a suggestion? Is it possible I need to replace the lower triple clamp or should I be looking at something else. I've had to become a shade-tree mechanic to support my sons motocross racing, but I still have a lot to learn! Any help would be much appreciated! Best, Brian G
  5. OK now my question is about tire pressure. I bought some Pirelli Tires rated 90% off road / 10% on road. Had my dealer mount them - they set the tire pressure at 20 PSI - seems fine on the road. The tire wall shows they are rated to 38 PSI. I know I like to run 11-14 PSI in the dirt and loose sand though... What should I do? What pressure should I run on-road vs, off-road? Thanks for the help, Brian
  6. One other thing: I also found passenger footpegs for my bike: http://www.fourstrokesonly.com/Buddypegsclampon.html These 'buddy pegs' clamp on to the swing arm on each side. They are easily removable when you don't need them. Seemed to be the best choice... Thanks, Brian
  7. Thought I would post an update: I installed the Baja Designs dual-sport kit on my DRZ400E today, also put on DOT approved tires, speedometer/odometer, and two mirrors. I went over to the DMV in Oklahoma City and brought my title, receipt from the Baja Designs kit, receipt from DOT tires purchase, and a notarized letter stating what modifications I had made... Basically the only snag was needing to get an odometer reading. If I had brought the bike with me this afternoon (even if I drove it there illegally I suppose) they would have walked outside, verified the VIN#, read the odometer, and they could have issued the tag right there. As it turns out I will go to my local tag agency in the morning with all those documents along with a special instructions DMV document they gave me - which basically tells the local tag agent what to do. They verify the VIN# and read the odometer - that's it! The guy at the DMV said they had processed three other dual-sport conversions just this past week! Pretty interesting - he said he figured people were doing this frequently because of the rising gas prices - just fixing up their dirt bikes to ride to work... So that seems to be the process here in Oklahoma... From what I was told, if you do not purchase the Baja Designs kit and instead piece the lighting and other needed modifications together yourself as mentioned above, it will be a lot more difficult to get it tagged. The DMV people seemed very familiar with the Baja Designs kit and didn't question a thing. If you can't show a receipt for the 'kit' conversion, they will make things a lot more difficult and time consuming. Hope this thread can help someone else in the future. Can't wait to get out and ride around now! Thanks for the help... Brian G - Oklahoma City
  8. I actually just scored an S subframe from an Ebay auction. Hopefully it will mount up and provide the support & peg holes for my passenger. I started installing the dual sport kit tonight A little difficult - but tomorrow is a new day! Thanks! Brian
  9. OK so I have purchased the baja designs dual sport kit - coming this week. Now, I will get DOT approved tires, and I need passenger footpegs for my son to ride with me into town every once in a while. I am having a difficult time figuring out how to install passengers pegs! Any suggestions? Thanks, B
  10. Are the stock tires on my 07' DRZ400E not DOT approved? In other words, would they not be a good idea, or be street legal? Thanks, B
  11. Hello, Can't think of any better place to ask for help! I have an 07' DRZ400E that I want to convert to a dual-sport.. The bike is registered off-road vehicle here in Oklahoma. I have seen the Baja Designs dual-sport conversion kit - can't seem to find anything else. I need advice about registration and also the best kit to do this. I want to be able to carry a passenger for short trips so I assume you can get passenger pegs as well? How about mirrors? Best tires - about 25% on-road, 75% off-road Sorry for so many questions - thanks in advance for any and all advice! Brian G
  12. Could you or someone tell me more about the V-Force 3 reed valve? My son has his first race on his RM85 at the end of January on an indoor arenacross track... 85cc 8-11 year old class - he is very excited and I want to get the bike as smooth and clean as I can for him... Any suggestions would be much appreciated - I am still very much a newbie to 2 strokes! Thanks, Brian
  13. Hello all, Any concern I should know about with adding a ProCircuit Pipe to my sons 2005 RM85? What can we expect in terms of performance, etc... Thanks, Brian
  14. Thanks to everyone for the great advice! What a great forum! Brian
  15. Not really that dusty riding conditions... Not sure that we broke it in right. Basically took it to the local trails, started it up and my son started riding. I would say he revved it up pretty good at first and then we did about an hour of trail riding. Mostly in first gear revving up and down quite a bit. That was the first 1.5 hours... The second day is when the trouble started. As far as warming the bike up, just have been letting it run for 30-45 seconds and then taking off. Thanks for any help you can offer - we are really newbies to the two-stroke world! Brian