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  1. Flyin Low

    anyone ride sand dunes

    CR500 for the dunes!
  2. Flyin Low

    I love my neighbors...

    Fire your 250F up at 7:00am. I lost my track in my backyard because of the neighbours, because it was "un-approved construction". They originally complained of excessive noise, which led to my track having to be flattend.
  3. Hahahaha. Nice Form Ashley. I'd still hit it
  4. Flyin Low

    Best brake pads

    Whatever the shop has in stock.
  5. Flyin Low

    need help

    I agree. You may want to lower the preload in the rear shock a little to help you fit on the bike. And perhaps slide the forks through the triple clamps aswell. But I must say, having your dad buy you a bike, you are a very luck kid!