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  1. 4sale1

    Setup Fee/Delivery Charges

    you can do better on pricing for a 2008 i have never paid a set up or freight charge with the 20 plus bikes i have owned so far in my life, i also know this game very well, i work in the automotive sales biz for 13 years. just a way to make more money! i remember seeing around 6500 otd for a te610 2008 current dealers are selling 2008 450smr for around 6500 otd in California i know this cause im looking for one. this is a buyers market and bikes arent selling very well,for that point nothing is,dont be afraid to go to your next closest state for a deal and dont believe this under cost crap,lol use this dealer list and just start calling dealers, it will be worth your time http://www.heroesridehuskys.com/pages/dealers.html good luck and get lots of quotes
  2. vehicle sales laws are the same for motorcycles and cars, so no its illegal to do that in california dmv heads up the side of that law,a very big no no. keep this in mind a dealer will tell you what you need to hear if you read all pages of this link ( http://www.heroesridehuskys.com/pages/dealers.html ) , has nothing of that ,cause its illegal you wont and cant find one vehicle sold in the usa that you have to pay msrp to get any factory advertising vehicle sales advertising has very special rules and laws to it, not like a buying a tv hey you dont have to believe me-pay msrp like a dumb ass!!!!
  3. fyi you cant stip that the bikes must be sold at msrp, thats called priced fixing and is illegal if a dealer is telling you that, there lying just like dealer set up fees and freight are just profit points for dealers
  4. bike 2006 sm610 10136.00 miles just did my timing chain and found out the my rocker arm on the intake side has to much play and is loud, so i took it bad off and also found out the that needle bearings have way to much play on the same side. so my second question is do i replace the other needle bearing while i have it apart? or does it not need it? i plan to call george at uptite to have him do the work. looks to me they need to be pressed out and back in,dont have that tool,lol also what caused this? just normal wear? i checked the prices for the needle bearings and there 22 each,not bad , now what will it cost to have put in? heres a pic
  5. 4sale1

    husky 610 cct HELPPPPPP!!

  6. i have been waiting for you to give us notice, thats all good to here,
  7. 4sale1

    Husky update.

    what bar clamps are those?
  8. 4sale1

    Did Angles Crest Hwy Today

    dude nothing beats malibu black zac
  9. 4sale1

    Swapping FI for a carb,,,08 SMR

    yes it can be done look at the 2008 line up the smrr comes with a carb and its all the same new stuff
  10. 4sale1

    Need advice on selling XR650R

    good thing its a even field no motorcycle hold a value nothing new you can get xr's for about 2500 to 3500 depending on how clean
  11. 4sale1

    Need advice on selling XR650R

    you can get 06 huskys for that price too high
  12. 4sale1

    08 good price but high interest

    can u say credit union around 6%
  13. 4sale1

    2006 TE510 stuck in the mountains

    put the bike in fifth gear and turn the reaer wheel by hand to see if the motor has seized plug has to be out for this to work also check to make sure it has oil get back to us thats my worst fear having to leave my bike and walk far,sorry to hear it
  14. try it you will find out in five minutes mike
  15. 4sale1

    Security-What works and what doesn't?

    a big chain works best. remember if they want it nothing can stop them have good ins too!!!!