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  1. Fizz

    ICAT Quick shot 2006 YZ450F Done

    so how do you know that the ICAT does anything?
  2. buy a spark plug socket with a magnet inside, their worth every cent ..
  3. i can do it on my bike, but i´ll have to put my whole weight on the kick for a while .... my guess that its hard to get a perfect seal from the valves and rings ...
  4. the yamaha 450 cam can be bought from TT OEM Store for ~$100 ...
  5. perhaps your friend got a manual with his new bike?
  6. Fizz

    FLU Graphics, great deal

    sounds pretty cheap ... their web shop said that they were out of stock, so i didn't dare to order a kit for my 426 ... please post some pictures, the one on the web page is not a yz426f ...
  7. the same that happens to the ignition? nothing ...
  8. i´ve just found one bad thing about my Unabiker guards ... i have to loosen the rear bolt to change the spark plug, and its still a pain in the a$$. so if your bike eats plugs, dont choose Unabiker ...
  9. Fizz

    01 yz426 timing chain question?

    my local yamaha dealer here in sweden said that they never seen a cam chain break ... and thats on all 400/426/450 they´ve sold ... they´ve had two chains that were replaced wrong (the guys who changed them didnt screw the tensioner back in) and the chain broke fot that reason ..
  10. Fizz

    EFI at the Japanese Nationals

    Well, thats two things i hope we doesn´t see on a dirtbike .... A MAF is definetly to fragile to put on a offroad bike, and the closed loop 02 operation is useless on a a bike that built to make max hp (all cars give the 02 sensor the finger and goes open loop as soon as you floor it). If you have a really good map (which probably will come "out of the box") a SB 02 sensor is worthless. A WB 02 sensor needs a control device, and heating, wich would require a battery ... an simple, MAP based EFI with a pretty large map is what we need ...
  11. Fizz

    will this work?

    hope they both didn´t get injured to bad .. (if someone did that to my bike i would definetly make him fix the bike ....or buy it, for the value it had before the crash)
  12. have to agree with "kid" .. theres no way a 426 makes 58 hp ...
  13. Fizz

    What kind of PowerNow?????

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/search.php?searchid=1288741 read these threads first ... then you´ll know much more about the PowerNow ...
  14. Fizz

    will this work?

    i got a feeling that the 4 stroke engine is much higher than the 125 2-stroke, so measure it, so you´ll know that it fits in the frame before you buy the bike .. if the part of the engine that fits between the frame is wider on the 4-stroke, you will have a problem that is hard to solve ... and if the swingarm bolt is thicker on the 2-stroke, but that seems unlikely ...
  15. Fizz

    will this work?

    anything is possible ... but why use such an old frame?