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  1. XRozzie

    525 too much?

    thanks for your advice guys - i am going to go for it as the condition is like a brand new one too good to pass up If the 525 turns out to be too much you can always put the 450 cylinder on it. wizard the same thing occurred to me last night which is what made the final decision thanks again Ric
  2. XRozzie

    525 too much?

    Hi FLboy i am reasonably fit but only weigh around 160 lbs (74 kg) and am 5'7" so cant really 'muscle' a big bike around if needed. unfortunately my throttle control at the moment is nearly always full on due to the limits of my xr400 lol
  3. XRozzie

    525 too much?

    Hi guys am looking to upgrade from my xr400 to an 05 exc. was looking for a 450, but then came across a 525 in top condition (only done 700 kms) and at the right price. anyone bought a 525 and then found it to be too much bike? I have read how some people are quicker on the smaller (engine) bike and also less tiring to ride? this one puzzles me slightly as they are the same size, almost the same weight, and yet the 525 should allow you to be more lazy with gears etc?? what are your thoughts/experiences will need to move on the 525 tomorrow morning as it will not last long at the price it is thanks a lot Ric:thumbsup:
  4. XRozzie

    pdf manual for XR400?

    Sorry guys but this is what you get from 5 generations of inbreeding in outback towns lol
  5. XRozzie

    pdf manual for XR400?

    Have you tried this one? still seems to be working to me http://www.theventuragroup.com/pics/xr400/1996-2004%20XR400R.pdf good luck XRozzie
  6. XRozzie

    looking for 2005 blk/wht SG10

    try here http://www.btosports.com/c/GaerneBoots
  7. XRozzie

    Swingarm Bolt Removal?????

    I would think the only person who could answer that would be someone who has done it. personally wouldnt risk it. Now that you have the bolt freed just pull it out regularly and regrease and itll be fine
  8. XRozzie

    What boots for a noob?

    mate, I am sitting here waiting for my broken foot to heal after hitting a stump in my cheapie fox tracker boots. After riding on and off for 25 years these are the only pair of cheap boots I have ever had. They are still in good order but will never grace my feet again - have just ordered a pair of Sidi Crossfires for my return. this place www.motosportoutlet.com has last years Gaerne Sg10 for 249.00 - SG10s are a great boot and in my opinion worth the extra over thors fox etc. good luck Ric
  9. XRozzie

    Metatarsal Broken Any Pics

    maurice, do you have xrays for your breaks - mine are 'a little off' too. see here http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=391425&parentpage=2 i also had cheap (fox) boots but have ordered a pair of crossfires for my return
  10. XRozzie

    How do you...?

    According to my local gaerne rep, its pronounced gay-earn. all the dealers in aus pronounce the same way too -maybe cos they all have the same rep? who knows
  11. XRozzie

    setting of broken metatarsals

    thanks drmark sorry for delay - too dark to scan so had to take pics http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j268/xrozzie_2006/bones007.jpg http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j268/xrozzie_2006/bones003.jpg thanks again ric
  12. hi guys, i have 2 broken metatarsals from an incident with a tree stump about 2 weeks ago. I have a cast on atm and thought all was well. but I just read in another thread about a guy whose foot was not set right and he grew spurs (?) and had to have surgery. I know from the x-rays that my bones are not lined up exactly but my doc said it is close enough. Should i get a second opinion before it is 2 late? I can scan x-rays if anyone wants to see them Thanks Ric
  13. i use diesel (distillate) - gets all dirt and oil out in one wash and doesnt affect the glue or the foam of your filter like petrol (gas) does. washes out in hot soapy water
  14. XRozzie

    court tomorrow need advice

    have you learned anything though? and i dont mean about the legal system
  15. LMFAO: funniest thing i've seen in months! (mmmm. wonder what he'll say about my XR)