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  1. Is it possible to fit a 94 exhaust pipe on a 92-93? The idea is to fit with the standard 92-93 silencer. What modifications will it need?
  2. In my KX 250 93 I fitted a CRF 250 one with some small modifications.
  3. I'm expert in 250 KX bikes but not in 125. I think KX 125 engine changed in 1994, does this engine fit in a 92-93 frame? And other years like 99, 2000....? Thanks
  4. I'm restoring a KX 250 93, Do you have the specifications (tube diameter, long...) to build a fork cartridge holding tool to install the compression cylinder valve of a Kayaba 43mm. I saw this but I only need it for a time: http://www.amazon.com/Race-Tech-Fork-Cartridge-Holding/dp/B000WK46FS
  5. The 450 is a 2007, this TC fits 2006 to 2012 in the 450, the idea is to try in the 250, the top, the bottom or both ones.
  6. Do you know if KXF 450 triple clamp fits in a 250 2012? I've a Bud-Racing of my old bike and I would like to install it on my 250 if it fits.
  7. It's a great product.
  8. I've it on my 07 and I'm not fully satisfied with it (I've tried others). The good is that's too easy and quick to install but the bolts has to been drilled because excels and hit the ring because the fork protector keeps too near of the ring. In my last race in the first moto it worked very good! but along the second moto the ring got out of its place moving up and down because the ring contact surface with the fork is too small.
  9. I've installed a Bud-Racing 23mm, I had to do it before!
  10. Now the bikes enters much better in closed curves, then now I can make them closer. It's easy to make quick block pass. It seems a bit lighter. In high speed straights is the same. If you don't know about Bud-Racing is a France company.
  11. I've installed a Bud Racing 23mm set in my 07 and I'm too happy with them. I had to do it before!
  12. Pro-Wheel front rim broken with less than 20 hours of use.
  13. Cool! It's was! Thanks!!!