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  1. davoli

    Cleaning dirt stained engine?

    I use petrol for engine cleaning, here I found a cheap bottles. After if I use a scotch britte similar like Cameron does:
  2. davoli

    KX 125 93 exhaust pipe

    I'm looking for a pipe for a KX 125 93 but I don't find anything in good condition or good price. Does it fit other years like 94?
  3. davoli

    New to GasGas, GP 300, WOW!

    Here is a video of this bike last weekend in a MX track. Rider: Jonathan Barragan
  4. davoli

    90's kx250's

    Great Altman81 then it looks that it's an standard 93. Here is my current KX 250 '93, fully restored 5 years ago and now I'm planning to make it better:
  5. davoli

    90's kx250's

    As I can see the bike is 93. Engine 93-2004 is similar and I think that's 93. About the fork, diammeter of the lower tubes? It must be 43mm for 93, I'm not sure that it could be 46 because from 94 to 96 came with 46 and the fork protector had 3 bolts, 2 in front and other in the side. Maybe the upper bottles had been decolored, I've seen in other bikes. It's a very good bike, I've been racing with other like this in the 90's and now in SuperEvo. I've upgraded the rear suspension and I'm thinking to try a better fork in the front with a better front brake. Keed attention to: -Rear Spoke nuts -Rear Axle Nut -Shock bolts -Protection for the water pump is recommended -Every time a cleaned air filter
  6. davoli

    1998 kx250 power vale

    VALVE-EXHAUST,LH 12005-1252 ???
  7. davoli

    KX 250 Front fork suspension fitting

    I've a 93 and I would like to install a 98.
  8. Someone has installed a modern front fork in older 90's KX? I've seen that KX 125/250 92-93-94 triple clamps are the same part number, but the idea is to try to fit a 98 or newer front fork in a 92-93. I know that I'll need to change the front brake line and caliper it isn't a problem. I think that 99> the front wheel axel is different. And the front wheel is the same from 93 to 2002.
  9. Is it possible to fit a 94 exhaust pipe on a 92-93? The idea is to fit with the standard 92-93 silencer. What modifications will it need?
  10. davoli

    250 skidplate

    In my KX 250 93 I fitted a CRF 250 one with some small modifications.
  11. I'm expert in 250 KX bikes but not in 125. I think KX 125 engine changed in 1994, does this engine fit in a 92-93 frame? And other years like 99, 2000....? Thanks
  12. I'm restoring a KX 250 93, Do you have the specifications (tube diameter, long...) to build a fork cartridge holding tool to install the compression cylinder valve of a Kayaba 43mm. I saw this but I only need it for a time: http://www.amazon.com/Race-Tech-Fork-Cartridge-Holding/dp/B000WK46FS
  13. davoli

    Triple Clamp from a 450

    The 450 is a 2007, this TC fits 2006 to 2012 in the 450, the idea is to try in the 250, the top, the bottom or both ones.