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  1. I installed the power surge kit on my 06yz250f. It helped a little with throttle response, wasnt like WOW like I have heard but it helped. It comes with 3 leak jets ( 40, 50, and 55 ), 2 orings, and an AP diaphram. It's not a Bolt on AP cover like the Boysen cover.
  2. Installed an 06 exhaust cam in an 02 and it works perfect.
  3. thedude05, Thank you very much for the pic of the fuel system and for the info on the petcock. It is really appreciated. I was confused as too which washer went where.As for the friend / neighbors bike, his wife poured a 1/2 cup of sugar in his gas tank, I pulled apart the carb, cleaned all the jets, cleaned out the gas tank, got a new fuel filter, and new gas lines. Took apart the petcock, cleaned it, put it back together but the petcock still wasnt working right. Pulled it apart again and thats when I dropped all the pieces. Just wanted to make sure all the pieces were in order cause I guessed on where the 2 different washers went.
  4. Moose, You started with the insults and sarcastic remarks first. It was a simple dumb question, and yes I did not know the answer for it so thats why I asked. Moose is ANGRY individual and Please DO NOT reply back as it will be wasting your time. I apologize to the crf 250x forum and the members who have read this. As for the remark I made about the dealers, many times I have gone there and asked questions or asked for parts that I have learned about on thumpertalk, and they have no clue what I'm talking about. Just to clarfy the friend that owns the crf250x already went to the honda dealer and asked about how the fuel petcock was put together and the person helping him at the parts counter did not know either. END OF THREAD
  5. Attention TT"rs, you are not allowed to ask a question about any motorcycle or learn anything about them cause you might be wasting a fellow TT members precious time. If any TT'r has a question that might relay to a dirtbike, PLEASE DO NOT ASK, just take a trip to your local Honda dealer. I thought this was to help others, and to save trips to the dealer just to find out that many times you know more than the people working there. Hilarious! Thank you MOOSE
  6. Moose, thanks for the intelligent reply. I don't have the time to run down to the Honda dealer thats 20 mins away. Since you seem so knowledgable and filled with wisdom, can you tell me where the 2 washers go and the order?
  7. Thanks for the info. I need to know the correct order of the petcock parts, ( rubber gasket, 2 washers, etc......)
  8. I had taken apart an 05 crf250x fuel petcock to clean it out and accidentally knocked all the pieces onto the floor. Can someone PLEASE tell me the correct order of all the parts, or direct me to a link to see an exploded view of it. Thanks
  9. Thanks, these clamps really helped. A little hard to get used to at first though.
  10. What fork height is everyone running with the appilied 27mm offset triple clamps installed on an 06 yz250f? With the stock clamps I was 4mm below thw engraved line. Thanks
  11. What the friend / neighbor didn't tell me until now was his wife had gotten mad at him several months ago and poured 1/2 cup of sugar in his gas tank. He immediately took the bike to the shop and had the gas tank cleaned / flushed. The shop didn't do a good job. There was sugar in the tank, petcock, fuel line, and fuel filter.
  12. Are the rear cam lobes of the intake and exhaust still have to be the same angle / degree ( facing to the outside of the head ) as the stock cams?
  13. 170 LBS without gear.
  14. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  15. If the intake cam was off by one tooth in either direction what would be the results?