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    Vert / Vor MSO

    Hey Guys, I'm new here and in need of help. I just purchased a 98 Vert. enduro from a guy in Canada. (I live in WA state). The bike was never titled, licensed or apparently given an MSO to the original purchaser?? Anyway, all I've got is a bill of sale, which in this state, is close to worthless in claiming ownership. I'm hoping to plate this thing, and am obtaining all the necessary equipment to be legal. I doubt I'll be able to avoid an inspection, which will be a hurdle for sure, but this lack of documentation prevents me from getting a title for 3 years. I've heard, it's possible to get it tagged now, just not titled. Being European, the VIN code doesn't give any "offroad only" indications, and I'm assuming an MSO wouldn't either. Figure with one in hand, an inspection might be unnecessary. I'm curious if anyone here has seen a Vert. MSO? Better yet has one, they could show?? I'm feeling inclined to forge a document if possible. I've heard somewhere that Vert. or VOR MSO's looked pretty simple / unofficial? I'm kind of at a loss for other options, asside of a custom build that seems unnecessary, especially on an obvious factory bike. Love this site and alla your experience that is shared. Thanks for any help, Kevin