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  1. boeingdriver

    VIN #

    Thanks...any idea what one is the month?
  2. boeingdriver

    VIN #

    Can someone help me with a VIN # on a bike...What I need to know for a Honda CRF is the month/year of manufacture. Is that in the VIN number somewhere? Thanks
  3. boeingdriver

    New 08 RMZ450 with 09 Engine

    Hey DC..Matt here in K-Town...how goes it. I just got a 08 off of Ron at Two Wheel...it has the 09 engine. Cheers
  4. boeingdriver

    how long before my RMZ dies?????

    It was the rings. I checked the valves and they were within speck.
  5. boeingdriver

    how long before my RMZ dies?????

    I did my top end at the 60hr mark...It started to loose compression and power. Did the top end and it was as good as new. It was a 2007.
  6. boeingdriver

    07 clutch issues?

    My basket went before my plates did...check that.
  7. boeingdriver

    Frustration with my rmz 450

    Check and make sure your valve shims are not dislodged. I have seen this happen.
  8. boeingdriver

    Constant water loss

    Put the OEM gasket in yesterday and everything works great....thanks to all that posted.
  9. boeingdriver

    Constant water loss

    These posts came at the right time for me.....thanks to everyone that posted...I just did the top end on my bike and was loosing the coolent out the outflow as well. The OEM head gasket will be here in a day or two...I will be sure post after I get it assembled ...got my fingers Xed till then.
  10. boeingdriver

    rmz 450 2008 washing question

    Use a golf tee...
  11. boeingdriver


    Hey guys I'm on the road with work and was about to put an order for a bunch of parts including sprockets. Because I don't have the bike in front of me I just wanted to check what the sprocket size is....if my memory serves me right I think they are 14-48. 2007 RMZ 450 Thanks
  12. boeingdriver

    07 rmz450 tensioner will fit on 06 ?

    No it won't fit.
  13. boeingdriver


    Anyone heading to Kawatha this weekend for the MMRS practice? I'm going to be there around noon on Saturday. Sounds like it is a nice track.
  14. boeingdriver

    burnt river

    Never been on the trails there. I think the snowmobile trails go through their land. My quess is that they are linked up with them.
  15. boeingdriver

    burnt river

    It is a fun track that is good for all riders of any ability. The track it self is very hard terrain. This time of year when it is wet I find it the most fun, nice ruts form and the tracktion is good. Rob and Connie that run the track do a great job with it.