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  1. KarlH

    2007 KTM 250 XCF Spark Arrestor?

    I think Pro Moto Billet makes an endcap for $80 bucks.
  2. KarlH

    xr650r throttle mods

    http://www.g2ergo.com/sitebody/tcs4t.shtml I am guessing you are talking about the G2 throttle cam that Scott Summers used? Works great.
  3. KarlH

    Can a 300XC-W feel like a Thumper?

    Glad to hear all the good review. I really want to get away from thumpers. Everything I have read about the 300 sounds great.
  4. KarlH

    Can a 300XC-W feel like a Thumper?

    Thanks, that's what I was hoping to hear. Any input of the pipe and power valve mods? Anything else that should be done? Thanks again.
  5. I am seriously thinking about a 300 XC-W instead of a 400 XC-W or 450. The main reason is the lower maintainence and weight savings on a smoker. Would adding a gnarly pipe & changing the power valve to green help this bike work well in the tight stuff like a 400 XC-W? How is lugging this bike at walking speed like? Thanks.
  6. KarlH

    Question about Value...CRF 250X

    Thanks for the price range. I was hoping for $5200. Also, Pat I sent you a PM.
  7. KarlH

    Question about Value...CRF 250X

    Wow, two pages and not a single estimate. Actually Kev, you and I spoke last fall about the Rekluse.
  8. KarlH

    Question about Value...CRF 250X

    I realize this may not be strictly considered a regional question but since pricing seems to vary around the country I figured this might be the best place to ask. I am thinking of selling my 2006 CRF250X. I have two BMW street bikes and really have no time for BR on the weekends. The bike has less than 20 miles, a Rekluse clutch with the RH rear brake kit. Works connection skid plate and Acerbis brushguards. I have done no exhaust work. I also have Powerpegz. Thanks for any feedback on what it might be worth. I have no clue. Also, I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, Hinsdale, and have no idea of how I should sell it. Thumpertalk classifieds? Thanks again. Karl
  9. KarlH

    Hot Start button moved from left to right?

    Rekluse also offers an under the bar replacement.
  10. KarlH

    Arai XD ?

    I just bought one from Will's as well. Great helmet!
  11. KarlH

    300 xc-w ???

    I would consider the 200/250XCW if you want a smoker as a new rider, nice gearing and pretty forgiving. Take a look at the 400EXC in a thumper. Also check out the "What should I Buy" section on KTM Talk. Lots of information.
  12. KarlH

    Rekluse Installer in the Chicago area?

    I am not worried about Kev trashing my bike, he sounds very capable. On a completely seperate note did I mention before I became a fixed income trader I held my class III weapons license. ................No really.
  13. KarlH

    Rekluse Installer in the Chicago area?

    I am leaving for LA in a few minutes, sorry for not getting back to you Smudge. Thanks for the offer. I really doubt you want me riding with you. I am thinking about going to Michigan to ride for a few days after deer season is over. My wife wants to look at buying a second home in Grand Haven anyway.
  14. KarlH

    Rekluse Installer in the Chicago area?

    I am in Hinsdale/Burr Ridge. I don't mind a drive. Still don't feel comfortable doing the work myself. I appreciate all the replies. Any help is appreciated.
  15. KarlH

    Rekluse Installer in the Chicago area?

    I called and no luck. They are compiling a dealer list now but do not have any names yet.