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  1. 144Dad

    Looking For A Good Graphics Company

    Choose the best - DeCal Works. www.decalmx.com There are several different semi-custom designs to choose from. Check the interactive DeSign Studio where you can preview your color selection on your bike. You can also order new plastics and have your graphics mounted so all you have to do is bolt them on. Cal Sean at (815) 784-4000 ext. 254 with any questions.
  2. 144Dad

    Graphics for white YZ..pic added 9-30

    I know a little about Decal Works. First, they are called "The Original" for a reason - they've been producing graphics since 1989. They use the latest, state-of-the-industry materials and processes. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality control/customer satisfaction is second to none. There's a little more involved than just slapping logos on a template and printing them. Remember, you get what you pay for. I've posted this picture elsewhere here but here it is again. Try to imagine white plastics with a white base on the graphics. You can request a color change on on any of their semi-custom T-series kits or order a completely custom kit. www.decalmx.com
  3. 144Dad

    how reliable in the eg 144?

    My conversion ran $800 which includes the big bore, re-plating the cylinder /boring and port work. You have to send the complete motor since the cases need to be modified for the over bore. Money well spent!
  4. She runs very strong. We had Jesse Williams at Williams Moto Werx do the motor work on it - over-bore, re-plating and porting. I put a Hinson clutch and V Force reed block in it also. Much more bottom and mid-range power. My son absolutely loves it.
  5. 144Dad

    how reliable in the eg 144?

    I had Jesse Williams at Williams Moto Werx build a 144 for my son's '05 YZ125. We couldn't be happier with the results. More bottom and mid but still a revver. My son LOVES it. Jesse was very helpful with jetting suggestions and any other questions we had. I highly recommend his work. While we've only ridden it a few times, I don't see where reliability would be any different than a stock 125.
  6. 144Dad

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    My '06:
  7. I'm not sure how many of you have heard about this but there's been a challenge put down by Rupert X Pellett involving getting someone to make the main event at a SX on a two stroke. It started with a $5 prize offered by Rupert and evolved into over $3000 being pledged as a prize for the qualifying rider. Here's the scoop: Donations are not refundable. If it doesn't happen in Atlanta, it carries over until it does happen at a SX this season. If nobody qualifies by the 'Vegas final, the money will be donated to a MX charity/cause yet to be determined. To donate, go to http://www.oldschoolmoto.com and click the "DONATE" button. It takes you to Paypal. You don't have to have a Paypal account to donate. The official tally will be posted at MotoTalk (on MotoNews.com) daily. PM me with any questions. Make sure you include your TT ID and let me know you're with TT if you donate.
  8. 144Dad

    $1800 to anyone who races a 2-stroke in ATL SX!

    This is happening guys. I'm PD441 on other boards and I can tell you it's for real. I'm in charge of collecting funds for this deal. I'll probably post an official thread for it here tomorrow. Thanks for showing interest in Rupert X's little project. PD
  9. 144Dad

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    My '06:
  10. 144Dad

    07 RMZ 450 rear fender

    '06 here. Standing behind, it's crooked to the left. Been like that since day 1. I also thought it was the subframe. Weird.
  11. 144Dad

    Where can I buy shims from?

    http://www.hotcamsinc.com/catalog.asp Part Number: HCSHIM02
  12. 144Dad

    Two Questions.....

    I'm using the ready Racing stainless filter in mine. I actually have two that I rotate. As for the timing chain deal: http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1110617,00.html
  13. 144Dad

    Who makes the vented number plate on Ricky's bike?

    I'm pretty sure it's probably a custom dealio Goose or someone else with Factory Suzuki whittled out.
  14. 144Dad

    Keihin on RMZ450 question...

    Wow! After seeing that, no way mine's coming apart.