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  1. galnitzan

    450R 02' spilling coolant regularly

    Many thanks for the usefull info, i'll investigate it again and let you know.
  2. The beast is loosing through the radiator drain pipe about 300CC of coolant during 1 hour of easy riding at semi-cold weather. I'll appreciate your advices for solving it. Many thanks Gal
  3. Will it fit ??? (without the need for special modifications)
  4. galnitzan

    TwinAir - not sealed as the original

    Quality do matters, i would recommend all the Twin-Air fans to put new original filter and Twin-Air side by side, then to ask even a 10 years old child to pick up the better quality one. For punkrock MX: It's not so easy to live here, but it's much easier than what CNN shows to the world.
  5. galnitzan

    TwinAir - not sealed as the original

    Many thanks for the useful information. At least i can use my new Twin-Air as a base for a cactus or some other plants... it can absorb moisture very well... About the third reply - Joe: The big thumper likes sand, which in Israel is located next to the triangle border: Israel-Gaza strip-Sinai (Egypt). now days, it's better to ride FAST in this area, and to eliminate the chance for night riding. (the luck of headlight is not the main problem...)
  6. Hi Just bought new Twin-Air to replace the original air filter on my 450R but it seems that I'm not going to use it: There is no separate sealing sponge on the surface that connects to the air-box. instead the flat (and over-sized...) sponge edges are squeezed to the sharp area of the air-box. even the installation process is much harder, and you don't feel when it sits in the right alignment. Compared to the original, it looks like a cheep Chinese solution. I'll be happy to get comments from riders that have experience with it. Thanks Gal