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  1. crf450mk

    06 or 07 KX450 Looking at buying one

    oh no it handles so much better! the hondas feel like a big pig on the track (IMO) and my kawi is so quick and nimble its like a night and day diffrence. and im only a C rider
  2. crf450mk

    looking at some bikes....

    ive got an 05 set up and ready to race with a JE piston, hot cams stage 1 in it, full yosh exhaust. great bike. its for sale
  3. crf450mk

    06 or 07 KX450 Looking at buying one

    according to motocross action the 07 kx450f is the most powerful production bike on the market right now. i own one and love it! ive had crf450s before now and this thing is amazing!!
  4. crf450mk

    RE: hows my form on a pit bike

    not to be mean or anything but you feel slow cuz its a pit bike. and what i can see from all the dust and stuff it looks ok i mean im no pro but ya as long as your having fun then good.
  5. crf450mk

    Omaha guys - new bike

    i know where there is a 2002 xr 100 for sale not sure how much but i can find out for you. its in colorado about an hr and half east of denver in a small down along I-70 though. let me know if your interested.
  6. crf450mk

    new boots

    SG 10s all they way!
  7. crf450mk

    Memorial Day Plans 2007

    hey crtwofidy i work at taylor park marina and cotton wood will be open by mermoral day weekend. there is hardly ne snow on the ground and the fish should be bitting in full swing by then. hope the R&R works out for ya.
  8. crf450mk

    whats a good clutch for my 05 crf450?

    well this bike is going on its 3rd year of racing, 2nd with me and the first yr was with a national racer. I believe i had the clutch slack set right im not sure to tell you the truth. what about a hinsen set up?
  9. hey guys well this last weekend my clutch went out on me and im just wondering what you guys think would be the best clutch set up to put in it. thanks for your comments or advice.
  10. crf450mk

    my first step-up

    id say move your body weight forward and see if that helps, i used to run a cr250 and moved up to my crf450 now and it was totally diffrent jumping the two bikes. If moving your weight up doesnt help just stay steady on the gas and brake tap it would prolly be your best bet. just my two cents
  11. crf450mk

    RMXA Race at VDR Sunday...Who's In?

    Im in Open Beg. class right here as well, and i do believe you can run OB. along with C classes there are other guys who do it. just my two cents
  12. crf450mk

    District 25

    Yesterdays race was GREAT! i was loaded up and out of there by 3 track was in great shape and everything ran smoothly. just wanted to say thanks to those who helped out yesterday it was a good chilly day of racing
  13. crf450mk

    anyone up to ride this coming weekend?

    When are you thinking about going for a ride? im always up for a good ride
  14. crf450mk


    I am a proud RMXA member and couldnt be happier, im not taking ne thing away from the SRAC because i have never been involved with them i have heard good as well as bad things but these are just rumors ya know. I run the RMXA because there are more tracks closer to me that they run. I usally have to drive at least 2 and half hours just to race, or pract. but the ppl at RMXA are very nice and make you feel like you have known them forever. you can go to their website. www.RMXA.com and check it out, we have a race up at Milikan this weekend its a two day race you can sign up for a one day membership for like 15 bucks if you want to try it out. But whatever club you pick good luck and have a blast!
  15. crf450mk

    SRAC or RMXA

    I race RMXA and have to say that i enjoy all the people that are there in the orgainzation. i havent had a chance to run or watch the SRAC but i am not here to bash their organization. They are people just like us wanting to have fun doing what they love so its all good in my book. and like some one said both clubs have their ups and downs ya know thats a givin in any club events. just my two cents.