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  1. I have responded to all who sent me a PM. Thanks, Roy PS. checking email now.
  2. It is a fine bike. I put 150 miles on it today. I plan on doing a trackday with it Jluy 9th at Barber motorsports in Birmingham, Al. I have raced at Barber before so I know what to expect. A little uncomfortable but very fun to ride. It will fly! 6k rpm's = 80 mph redlines at 14k
  3. Traded the DRZ in yesterday for a 2005 20th anniversary edition GSX-R750 Suzuki. Beautiful bike and puts me back on the track sorta. Anyway I took all the goodies off the DRZ and will have them for-sale. PM me and I will discuss pricing. Or email me joesmuck75368@yahoo.com * Yellow Clark 3.9 tank * Baja Designs skid plate (bolt on type) * Suzuki rear luggage rack * Cycra pro bends (silver) w/ natural hand guards * Works connection frame guards (aluminum) * Pro-Taper 7/8" SE TI colored aluminum bars, Renthal diamond grips on it. All parts less than 6 months used and hardly no off-road use. I have owned 2 DRZ's in the last 4 years so I will most likely be back in the future on another one. I had a blast on the '04. MAybe the next one will be a 450 Thanks and ride safe, Roy
  4. RoyH

    How many V-Strom owners here?

    Mine is a '02 1000 grey with 30k miles on it. Good motorcycle!
  5. How does it do on the highway? Stock "S" is turning 6600 at 70 mph with 15/44 stock gearing. For those who have the SM how is the stock gearing, are you happy at freeway speeds with it? I know you have lost acceleration on the bottom and zip but I was curious to how the 17" wheels relate with this gearing to a stock "S" with stock wheels at speed. I have a gear calc program at home on my PC but not here at work. It calculates rpm. I am not real happy with my "S" at freeway speed with stock gearing,,,could be the morons locally all drive 90 mph around here in big SUV's. That scares the crap out of me on the freeway on the little bike. All straight roads here in Ms. no curves to slow the local crazies down. I am thinking of maybe getting a SM. Local dealer has one collecting dust and he made me a killer deal on it, $100 above invoice + $150 shipping. Only sour part of the deal is it's black I kinda favor the yellow one. Thanks
  6. RoyH

    Another countershaft sprocket thread

    I'll be damned this guy is a genious. Now everyone do as he says or else the bad sprocket gremlin will come visit you at night while you sleep,,,,,,,,,,,,,pleeeeeeeeeeease this is about as stupid as it gets. I guess if someone told you to only use the bike in the daytime you'd do that to. IT IS THE INTERNET for crist sakes people. Monkey see monkey do he said she said,,,,still not proven. I still ain't buying the glue on deal [period]
  7. RoyH

    Another countershaft sprocket thread

    You seem rather quick to judge a person you do not even know, why is that? Again more hostility toward another ones diagreement. I never said I was unwilling to read the post's, I only said I disagree, that is still legal in this country. I have not seen the proof you speak of. I heard this he said this all speculation as to who has the problem and who does not. Do you really think you here the whole story in the failed cases, doubt it. I am not convinced that this actually causes the 2nd gear problem. My bike shifts fine before and after loose nut which I have said two time already was only loose maybe 100~200 miles at best. And yes I have stuck around since 2002 with 2 different DRZ's so I think I know a thing or two about them on my own. I personally think this 2nd gear thing is blown out of proportion just like the water pump deal. Some leak some don't, both mine leaked and I never fixed either one and have not seen the need it is only a drop or two and only after a long stint of not riding it. My V-Strom has weeped since day one, now has over 30k miles on it no pump failures and not a big deal. Nature of the beast maybe so or could it just be the internet disease
  8. RoyH

    Another countershaft sprocket thread

    I am not bronco but I'll take a stab at it, yes they are all going to fail if they come loose Not the case do a search you'll be suprised at the opposite.
  9. RoyH

    Another countershaft sprocket thread

    I did not seem to work very well for you? My bikes are always documneted on what has been done not done that will not change. If it damaged itself in a 100~200 miles that it was possibly loose it re-affirms what I said earlier, the design is weak and needs addressing by Suzuki.
  10. RoyH

    Another countershaft sprocket thread

    I plan to do just that!
  11. RoyH

    Another countershaft sprocket thread

    It is not about pride and no I am not daring the nut to come loose, it is about a design that does not work. BTW didn't your 2nd gear bushing recently fail? and your telling me that the red loctite method really works, I fail to see something here. There obviously is a design problem with the DRZ in the countershaft area. Suzuki should fix it or as I stated earlier people will move on. I've had two of them and would buy another one in a heart beat but not as long as this issue continues. Seems all my problems in 9 months have been related with the countershaft portion of this bike. Not saying your glue on method is a bad one I just believe it should not be that way, call me hard headed, call me stupid but that it the way I feel. I never glued a GSXR racebike sprocket on and I can assure you it was pounded on more and changed more than this 30 hp DRZ will ever do to a sprocket.
  12. My spocket nut was loose! Bike has 3325 miles on it which 90% has been street, gravel road usage. I replaced the countershaft seal, spacer and o-ring at 1100 miles. The nut was tight when I removed it originally. I only added blue loctite on the nut when I re-installed it after the seal replacement. Yesterday I was checking to see if it was still tight (a routine I have become used to with the problems this bike has in this area) and rocked it back in forth and heard/felt a click on the lock washer. I slotted my sprocket cover so I could intentionally keep an eye on the nut and could touch it with my fingers, good thing I did this. I removed the nut and washer, cleaned the threads and nut, added red loctite this time to the threads and re-tightend to spec. I did not add the loctite to the splines as I firmly believe this should not be necessary. No way should you have to glue on a front sprocket I just am not buying that. The design is for the nut to retain tension. I know the front sprocket does have a slight amount of clearance on the shaft but so does every other bike I have ever owned. So why does this happen to begin with? bike shifts fine for now, bad design? it took only 2200 miles to work loose and I would not call street riding extreme. Bike is a '04 model "S". I only had the nut come loose on my old '01 "E" once in 1 1/2 of hard off road riding, it never came loose again after that one time. I can't say for sure but I don't believe it was loose long maybe couple a hundred miles at most since like I said earlier I check it before every ride or at least try to. Any damage done to that 2nd gear bushing? if so when will I notice any signs the bike is still under factory warranty not that means much with the level of technician skill at the local dealership. I have dealt with countershaft sprockets for years on other models and never have I had one come loose like the DRZ does. I would like to think maybe I did not get it torqued properly when I repaired the countershaft seal leak. There was almost no evidence of the origianl blue loctite when I removed the nut, I think heat cooked it away. I did have some rust behind the but not much but a little. If this thing screws up in the tranny I am done with DRZ's. This one will be my last! I will be watching this even more closely now. Roy
  13. I hosed mine out with straight water several times then let it air dry real good. Mine had alot of debris in it. No problems to date! I love that tank, hate the look but love the range. Roy
  14. RoyH

    CFC Adhesive

    16B permatex from wal-mart auto section. Less than $3 bucks.
  15. Thanks guys for the help. as for the speedo being accurate not a problem I run a Garmin GPS V on the handlebar that gives me the correct MPH anyway I just wanted to keep the OEM unit running parallel like I do now. Looks like I will be calling ECW in the morning. darn I wish their delivery time was faster. BTW I roadraced in WERA for 3 years expert 600 level so I have another reason to put back on my leathers they are yellow but well seasoned,,,they smell good,,,,not I also will be swapping the Cycra large plastic handguards in favor of their smaller units to go on my pro-bends. Also since I am going almost full street by going motard might as well order the Yosh full system, noise will be a problem around here with all those damn Hardleys running around un-corked hell I might as well do it to. no local law enforcement on noise around here hell this is Mississippi they could care less what you do. Darn squids on GSX-R1000's are running up the interstates on one wheel daily around here so what the heck is a lil 400 to 'em. I am almost there on the 3x3 mod, mine has the 25# pilot now but no Dyno jet needle or hogged out box, I will do that ASAP as soon as the pipe is on. If all this was not enough I am leaning towards cams, I owned a "E" before the "S" so I know what this motor will do. Not sure I want to mess with the base gasket just yet. My pocket book is looking grim after all this but hey it is still cheaper than roadracing. Now I will start worrying about my license