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  1. Iwent to a bike shop to check a pitster out.... It looked like the chain will rub on the swingarm pretty severely... any input on this
  2. what is rhe trick to removing clutch on xr 50.... Ive got the cap off and can see a lock washer down in the hole.... it looks like a special socket is needed after unlocking the "tang" on the washer.............Im trying to tear into the bottom to find out what a noise is...... any suggestions
  3. there is a noise in the bottom end of my 2003 xr 50.... it can be heard while idling and then when shifted to first as the noise is being made you can feel it in the foot pegs.. its not a continuous noise but it changes with rpm's.......its not the chain,,,,,, any suggestions
  4. Im interested in racing pitbikes and not sure what to buy. I dont want to invest in JUNK. I want to be on a bike capable of winning and staying together too, therefor I am looking to buy the best!! Oh, If it matters I am 5' 8" and 140 lbs and race C class on big bikes....THANKS