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  1. We are going to be riding the Temple Mountain trails again this weekend. We'll be down there late Friday and plan on hitting the waterfall trail. Saturday we'll be riding the colored trails. We be at the campsite close to Temple Mountain. Most of my group bailed out so there will most likely only be 2-3 of us. If you you are going to be down there and are looking for someone to ride with, let me know.
  2. There are several camping areas but I believe you can more or less camp wherever. We saw people with tents and trailers camping alongside the road in several spots.
  3. We camped at the camp area next to Temple Mountain that I've heard people refer to as Three Persons. I was down with my family, young kids, so I had to ride alone. So, I mainly rode the trails and washes around that area. Next time I go down I'll go with some friends to so we can ride the good stuff.
  4. The snow is all melted, it was awesome. It was a little chilly but fine when you were riding. Heading down again the weekend of the 29th. That place is a blast!
  5. Thanks. We are heading down tomorrow. Is anyone going to be in the area Sat?
  6. We are planning on heading down this weekend to the Temple Mountain area to do some hiking with the family and some riding. I called down to the ranger station at Goblin Valley and they said the snow is all melted. I know some of you live in and drive through this area. Is the snow melted? Thanks.
  7. Has anyone been down to Little Sahara this week? Just wondering what the snow cover is like. Thanks.
  8. I would be interested. Let me know if you decide to sell.
  9. The springs are stock. I weigh 180 lbs. Do I need to make an adjustment?
  10. I have a 2003 YZ450F. I've started to take some bigger jumps and my front forks are bottoming hard. Do I try to compensate for this adjusting the oil level, adjusting the compression or both? I don't know much about suspension. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.