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  1. Arizona

    Thanks az1liner!
  2. Arizona

    Thanks Mike. Still undecided about what we will do, but a job opportunity there is coming my way soon. Will likely make another trip out that way to scope things out further. Culture shock, 'ey? So fill me in on Flag--good, bag and ugly? Thanks in advance! Bob
  3. Arizona

    Thanks Mike--I appreciate the info. Have a job opportunity out that way, so I'm investigating, and kicking it around.
  4. Arizona

    Can anyone tell me how the riding is in the Flag area? Singletrack opportunities? Even moto track stuff? If nothing good in Flag anymore, how close to good stuff? Prescott? Thanks in advance!
  5. Nice-looking bike you have, Dave. I'm in the market for a nice two-stroke woods bike and if you were closer, I'd definitely be talking to you about it.
  6. awesome footage and fun-looking terrain--looks like incredible perfect conditions for the dez
  7. Illinois

    Check your private messages... Bob
  8. Illinois

    Hi Nikki, yes I was at FredBud last Saturday. I thought I recognized your bike and number there too! I told Anne I thought I saw you there. She's home now recovering from gall bladder surgery. She said she was going to try to find you on Facebook. I may be out there again this weekend, probably on Sunday, if the weather holds out.
  9. Illinois

    This time of the year, it's sand or the couch.
  10. Illinois

    FredBud in Hopkins Park (outside of Kankakee) was open last weekend and will be open this weekend. All sand.
  11. Missouri

    another thumbs-up for Links!
  12. the AMA did a little video on it...
  13. a very nice loop...awesome job by the Forest City Riders!
  14. another thumbs-up for Link's...we rode there in late March and plan to go back this winter...great time!
  15. weather looks decent, finally...