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  1. mjgrifall

    06 or 07 ???????????

    Had them both.....same bike although the 07' had a little more snap off the bottom. Of course that was compared to my 06' with a ton of hrs on it.
  2. mjgrifall

    FMF 4.1 install help 07'

    Has anyone put a full system on their 07' 450? The kit came with a small alumimum spacer and I'm not sure if I should put it between the midpipe and subframe or the the silencer and the subframe. I called FMF and they said that pipe is for 05-08' so the spacer is there if you need it. It seems to fit the best if it's at the mid-pipe. That does put the shock spring pretty close and I'm worried that the tire may rub the pipe as it's pretty close as well. Anyone have one of these mounted up?
  3. mjgrifall

    New 07' in garage!

    Well after much contimplation, almost going yellow, and driving myself bonkers on this website:bonk: , I picked up a new crf at a local dealership yesterday. My first ride is going to be on Sunday which will give me just enough time to put my bars on grease the linkage and put my skidplate on. Thanks to all on this site for the great information.
  4. mjgrifall

    RMZ 450 vs CRF 450

    All my friends have the different colors just none with yellow. Anyway for $700-800 difference I'm calling in the morning and if they still got it I will have the only yellow bike in or group. thanks
  5. mjgrifall

    RMZ 450 vs CRF 450

    The track really isn't that small it's a 2nd-3rd gear track but just when it's time to shift you can kinda just rev out 2nd and get away with it before the corner. The bike would definatly pull 3rd the entire track but I guess all my years riding 2 strokes I still fan the clutch in second comming out of most corners. But with the gearing you describe I should be able to ride the rmz the same way yes? A pipe should make her rev out a little more close to a stock crf?
  6. mjgrifall

    2006 vs 2007 cornering

    Yea, I just wasn't sure if the geometry was the same thanks. Spent alot of time messing with suspension setting, tires, etc. before setteling on a good compromise. But have to agree the stock front tire was junk.
  7. mjgrifall

    2006 vs 2007 cornering

    I just sold my 06' and am going to pick up a new bike this week. I can get an ok deal on a 07'. I loved my 06' except I for for the front end push I would get going trying to hug tight inside lines. Is there any difference in the turning ability of the two? I can get a great deal on a 07' rmz, I've read it really turns, but my Honda was just bullet proof. thanks
  8. mjgrifall

    RMZ 450 vs CRF 450

    Good info thanks, right now I'm on the fence between 07' Honda and 07' zook $6300 and $5600 OTD respectively. Currently I have a 06' crf and loved everything except for the push in the corners which I could never get rid of. I ride my local mx track and can leave the crf in 2nd for the entire track. You said the zooks 2nd gear is a little higher than the Honda. So would I be correct to say with the Zooks less of an ability to rev that with the higher gearing I would be able to also leave it in second for the entire track?
  9. mjgrifall

    My 2006 RM-Z450

    That is one of the best RMZ's I've seen great job!
  10. mjgrifall

    Pics of 05-06 exhaust

    The T-4 looks cool but if it is as loud as people are saying forget it. Last weekend at our local track some guy pulled up outside the gates of our local track with a sound meter. I hope he was just a curious guy with a meter....not too likely. I'm thinking the new Yosh RS-2 slip-on...
  11. mjgrifall

    06' Carb needle

    I thought I read that a needle change in 06' was one of the only changes in the motor dept. Check it at http://dirtrider.com/tests/motocross/141_0506_2006_crf450r/
  12. mjgrifall

    Pics of 05-06 exhaust

    Yea adct ya can't go wrong with the WB setup looks awsome! I know ya all got em' let's see em'!
  13. mjgrifall

    Pics of 05-06 exhaust

    Ok I'm looking to get an aftermarket system and while I would like to say it's all about the performance it hs to look cool too. So come-on post pics of your rides and lets see the pipes......
  14. Dose anyone have a picture of this on the bike 05'-06' crf450 and I'm also wondering if there is any difference between the Pro and the Comp in the silencer or is it just the Ti vs SS headpipe on the full systems? Thanks, I've been looking a little bit and can't find the answers
  15. mjgrifall

    Good deal for 06' in CA?

    Thanks fcr!