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  1. VintageVeloce

    Starting a 350EXC without a battery

    I just built one of these and it works great on my 2013 350 EXC-F. Tip: You have to turn off the headlight to start the bike with the capacitor.
  2. VintageVeloce

    Stabilizer for my 2014 500 exc

    I went Ohlins 2.0 as well. Seems good.
  3. VintageVeloce

    2013 KTM EXC 500 Smoking on startup

    Bought it just a week ago? And no new mileage? And from a KTM dealer? I'd bring it back and make them fix it. At 35 hours break in is done. It's all over long ago and its time for the first major service at 30 hours. Needs to be rehoned and new rings and broken in properly. (Unless it's valve guides or something else.) C
  4. The Freeride isn't available here in California. I'm thinking a KTM 125/144 with a heavy flywheel might be a good choice. But its an MX bike and may be too sharp for my desert trail/enduro type training. I had a Honda CRF150F, and it was too heavy. Any other ideas that are close to or less than 200 pounds (91kg)?
  5. I'm a 51 year old advanced novice with a KTM 350 EXC-F. I want a lightweight bike to practice on and work on my skills. What's the lightest thing with real suspension and wheels (21" front)? I'd prefer a couple years old so I can get it used, hopefully $2k or less. I also need a green sticker in California. Carl
  6. A lot of people love these Eagle cans, and IT IS MUCH BETTER to store fuel in a metal can. I mention in the review that I would never store fuel in the plastic jug, I dump it into my truck at the end of the trip. I love my Old Ironsides steel can that I mentioned in the review. That said, the eagle can funnel thing never seemed so great to me, I've heard of leaks and spills. And I like to me able to see how much gas I have left at a glance. CamP, how does that funnel thing work as you get to the last fuel in the can? Carl
  7. I've had the opportunity to try many kinds of fuel jugs and cans, so I thought I'd report my experience. I've used a Old Ironsides can, VP Racing 5 gallon pails, VP racing jugs, Matrix jugs, and the Pit Posse jug. In short, I like the Pit Posse jug the best. My detailed review is here: http://www.vintageveloce.com/2014/02/best-motorsports-gas-fuel-utility-can.html
  8. VintageVeloce

    Anyone else using VP C9 fuel?

    I use it and really like it. As it is a storage fuel and has no ethanol in it there are no concerns leaving it in the bike for months.
  9. VintageVeloce

    Exc vs TE

    I'd love to read the sticker on the steering head. I wonder if there are any laws on when the bike has been made vs the declared year. I know you can manufacture a bike in 2013 and call it a 2014. Can you make it it 2012? But regardless, the Varese factory was closed in May of 2013. They had LOTS of unsold bikes warehoused by that time. Maybe they relabeled them as 2014... Go ask on cafe husky.com Carl
  10. VintageVeloce

    Exc vs TE

    I wouldn't buy from a dealer who lies about the year of manufacture...
  11. VintageVeloce

    Exc vs TE

    Sorry, I still don't understand. The 2013 vs 2014 Husqvarnas are different colors, different plastics, different engines, not even the same names. See the pics above.
  12. VintageVeloce

    Exc vs TE

    The '14 are white, blue and yellow and are the KTM/Husaberg from Austria underneath. 2014 Husqvarna FE 350 The '13 are white, red and black and are the old Italian Huskys. 2013 Husqvarna TE310 Look very different to me. ;-)
  13. VintageVeloce

    Exc vs TE

    Here is the basic story: Husky was owned by BMW and was being designed and manufactured in Varese Italy. Last year KTM's owner bought Husky and closed the Varese facility. They found lots of old Husky stock and have been fire sale-ing them out. KTM also owned Husaberg which were modified KTMs painted blue. KTM has killed the Husaberg name and those bikes have been tweaked and are now going to be white blue and yellow Husqvarnas. So there is nothing left of the old Italian made Huskys in the new 2014 Austrian made Huskys. The new bikes are more like the old Husabergs. Husky: I'd be wary. I think they are a good option only if you are a big fan of the those particular old Italian made models. Check out CafeHusky.com as it's a great place for those bikes. If you want to save some money, consider used KTM maybe? Carl
  14. VintageVeloce

    Exc vs TE

    I sold my 2010 Husky TE250 for my 2013 KTM 350 EXC-F. Reasons: - I had some engine trouble with the TE that Husky corporate (which was actually BMW Mottorad) didn't stand up for. And I didn't want to continue to own a bike made by a factory that had been closed. (The Italian made, BMW owned, Husky's are now gone and the new ones for 2014 are modified KTMs from Austria). - Accessories available for the Huskys are far more limited than for the KTM. For instance, no good quality larger fuel tanks were available for my Husky. (I had found one but it fit poorly). - The remaining Italian Husky's at dealers are fantastic deals if you can still find them. But don't expect much support for them. Having 30 hours on my KTM, I can say that in my opinion it is a superior bike. Certainly from a service standpoint oil changes and air filters are FAR easier. I was able to get a perfectly fitting large fuel tank easily and there are at least 3 dealers within easy reach of my home. That's my opinion. Carl
  15. Spunbearing, I picked up a Leatt at a dealer, and was shocked at how heavy it was. I'm sure it's excellent protection, but for me in the southern California desert it was too much weight and I assume heat. Given the weight I immediately hung it back up on the rack and didn't even try it on. Just my opinion. I have heard it is excellent protection and has side protection too. I think it is also optimized for use with their neck brace.