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  1. nothingleft

    why quads

    Becasue they do donuts endlessly when they have an open dirt area and stir up huge dust clouds right next to where you park. At least that is what happened this last weekend when I was out riding. It was me and my buddy and both of our kids taking a break by the trucks when some a-hole on a quad decides the flat dirt area beside us would be a great spot to practice spinning donuts. We eventually chased him off when he looked up and realized we were yelling at him to beat it.
  2. It is no different than buying rims for your car. 99% of people buy rims for their car and pipes for their bikes to be different from the next guy. The other 1% actually buys these for the weight reduction and maybe a very slight performance increase.
  3. nothingleft

    Riding gear for fat guys.

    I am about the same size as you and I wear the Thor Gear. It has held up well. For chest protector I bought this one and it is big. MSR 05 Impact Deflector XL -Lightweight deflector conforms to the body -Polycarbonate chest and back panels with ventilation louvers -Back is anatomically arched -XLarge Fits 180-300 lbs.; 5'9" - 6'9"
  4. You've got nothing on my Dakota. Don't pay attention to the trailer park in the background. I was just ahhhhh ..... visiting some friends.
  5. nothingleft

    filled air box with oil (ttr-50)

    I got the bike running again after all of this oil crap. I ended up changing the oil on the bike, cleaning out the air filter and it still would not start. I pulled off the carb and this oily gas mix came pouring out. I rinsed the entire thing in gas, put it back together and it started immediately.
  6. nothingleft

    Rear axle positioning question

    You mean you place the ruler against the rear sprocket and then view it from the top down looking at how the chain lines up in comparison to the ruler from left to right with the ruler directly under the chain?
  7. nothingleft

    Rear axle positioning question

    What do you mean you use a straightedge? Can you give an explanation? Also, when I spin the back wheel on the stand the brake drags only on one section of the spin. Does this indicate the wheel is out of alignment?
  8. I tipped my sons TTR50 on the side and left it for a few minutes. I noticed oil dripping on the ground. I picked the bike up and now it won't start. I pulled off the air filter cover and oil came pouring out of the box. I am planning on doing an oil change and cleaning the air filter. Is there anything else I need to do? Should I pull the carb out and try to clean it with gas?
  9. nothingleft

    filled air box with oil (ttr-50)

    This just happened to my sons bike. It was partially my fault for letting it sit on its side for a few minutes. The bike won't start and when I removed the air box oil just poured out. What should I do to get it back running again besides give it an oil change and clean the air filter? Do I need to pull the carb out and clean it with gas?
  10. nothingleft

    Rear axle positioning question

    I was out checking the chain slack on my bike and noticed the lines that tell you where your rear wheel is lined up are off from one side of the bike to the other. On the chain side I count 4 hash marks from the back and on the brake side I count 3 hash marks. Should they be perfectly lined up, or is this normal? How do you know if your wheel is tracking straight?
  11. nothingleft

    Help me regear my WR450?

    I changed my front to 13T and it is much, much better. With the stock gearing you really fly down hill if you try to use the engine revs for braking. I noticed in the March Dirt Bike magazine the top speed in first gear was way higher than the competing bikes. Stock Gearing BIKE 1st 2nd 3rd CRF450X 27MPH 39 52 TE450 24 37 51 400EXC 26 38 48 450XC 27 40 56 WR450F 41 53 67
  12. nothingleft

    Anyone get the MotoSport Catalog???

    One thing to watch out for is if you order any item that is on backorder they will hold your entire order until that piece comes in. If you call them after you order online and tell them you want the items in stock shipped out seperately they will do it. Also, if you order any chemicals they do not ship express. I learned both of these things the hard way.
  13. nothingleft

    What's your dumbest move?

    About 10 years ago I dated this girl and her dad had a cabin in the mountains with quads and snowmobiles. One of my firends and I took out her dads new quads for a days ride. I was used to bikes and just started heading down this really steep trail not knowing where it ended. I got about half way down this hill and the trail turned left across the face. I eased the quad around the corner, mind you this trail is only as wide as a motorcycle tire. Just then I notice this tree going across the trail and decide I can probably make it between the section that someone has cut out with a chainsaw. I head for the log going sideways across this steep hill and start to slip off of the trail to the right where it is even steeper. The quad starts to roll down the hill so I jump off on the downhill side to try and stop it. It rolls right over the top of me and starts to roll first sideways and as it picks up speed it goes end over end, then bump...flip 3-4 times in the air, hit the ground bump flip flip flip. You get the picture. The quad finally stops after tumbling for about 800 yards to the bottom of this ravine and stuck in a tree. Four popped tires, no plastic, half a seat, broken bars, etc. It was totaled and I spent the rest of the day getting that thing back to the cabin and expalining myself to her dad. Good times.
  14. nothingleft

    Best way to tune out the low end bog ??

    You may want to consider the Boyesen Quickshot. I installed it and there is absolutely zero bog.
  15. That's why they have 2 sides. Reversible.