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    2014 YZ250f is very hard to start

    Thanks guys.. I suppose I should have thought to go back to the basics... but I assume.. it's 2014.. just kick it. I did try this ONCE so far and it did fire right up. I also admit to being a retard the first time I rode it, I went hunting for the fuel on/off and the the choke. Habits right?
  2. Hey Folks.. I picked up a brandy new 2014 250f on Saturday, and it's a beast to start. When cold it fights pretty hard and the 2 cold starts it has had I had to resort to starting it "2 stroke style" where I crack the throttle a little and in the event it farts it will hopefully catch it and keep going. Even when warm, I expect to kick it once and have it fire, but that's just not the case. If it's in gear (with the clutch in) forget it, it won't even discuss starting. Out of gear and it just fights the process and doesn't want to go. If I bump start it, fires right up. Once it's running it's a great bike. Pulls hard sounds good, all that good stuff. Just starting it is an exercise in 'WTF'. Any thoughts?? Thanks!
  3. sweetjeep

    Severe bog - 2000 KTM 520

    I have not. But I suppose I could.
  4. Hi folks.. I posted this on the KTMtalk forum and got some great help, but I think I sort of exhausted the knowledge base there. I did a little searching here, but I can't find a solution. Symptom: On my 2000 KTM 520, I have a severe bog, it's just off idle. If I crack the throttle open I get a huge bog, easily enough to kill the motor if I leave the throttle open. If I roll the throttle on, no bog, no hesitation. Setup: Carb: Factory carb AC pump cover: P-38 lightening Jetting: JD jet kit RED needle, absolute MIDDLE clip Main 172 (maybe 170) Pilot: 48 Fuel screw is about 1.25 turns counterclockwise Weather: Low 80s, very high humidity, elevation is 1200ft I have checked the AC pump screen, it's clean and not full of "aftermarket" holes. The pump actuator rod begins moving with an imperceptable difference to when the throttle is activated. Squirt is appropiate acording to the KTMtalk guys, about a second or so. It's not a huge spray, but it easily leaves the carb throat. I have changed the pilot from a 48 to a 50 and to a 42 (don't happen to have a 46) and that makes ZERO difference. If I pull the choke, it helps the bog go away. But I am not really sure what that means. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I am absolutely at wits end!! I am this ->||<- far from paying someone to fix it for me. Thanks folks!! Morgan