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    Enoree OHV

    yeah this is boocrap i've ben waiting for months for it to open but oh well tnt will have to work for now
  2. bsuggs3757

    timing chain install?

    My bike: http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y102/bsuggs3757/HPIM1941.jpg all done by me.
  3. bsuggs3757

    Lets see them 250f's!

  4. bsuggs3757

    timing chain install?

    nope never seen one i'll post all my pics during the rebuild process of my 02 with new crank, cylinder, head, cam i guess i don't know what it looks like must've forgot to put it on before i tightened my cam covers to 7 inlbs, or i didn't read that thread on here where it says go buy a masterlink and break the chains. So i went to a regular lawn mower place and they had thousands of them master links so i broke the chains and placed master links all for 5 bux plus the new chain and boy let me tell you i didn't even theink about sweating. I'll post my bottom end rebuuild pics. Changed my cam chain with no flywheel puller help at all. 25 yrs old had at least 20 bikes my warrior 4 wheeler had a master link in the cam chain? I guess since it has rocker arms it can have one. What am i talking aobut idon't know what rocker arms are. Lets see my banshee had 2 chains. Sike i bet you were gonna say something aboiut that last sentence. Went outside and my nephews badger has a master link in that one but my 250 f didn't so it just depends but you can grind the link and buy master links all day long just take the link to a lawn mower shop
  5. bsuggs3757

    timing chain install?

    bring the mnaster link to the top where the cams are then take the master link off and at the same time join the old and new chain together with the link pull the old one out while that's happening you've pulled the new one through slap the link on and your done put it on your cams torque everything down and go riding
  6. bsuggs3757

    Lets see them 250f's!

    here's some pics of mine 02 autodecompression http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y102/bsuggs3757/HPIM1940.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y102/bsuggs3757/HPIM1941.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y102/bsuggs3757/HPIM1942.jpg http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y102/bsuggs3757/HPIM1943.jpg
  7. bsuggs3757

    2002 yz250f frustrated new member please help

    basicaly what would you clean in the carb would you just take the bowl off and unscrew the jets and clean with spray or are there more components than needle jet, pilot jet, and main
  8. bsuggs3757

    2002 yz250f frustrated new member please help

    well i just got it out of the shop today gettin the kisck shaft and the woodruff key installed i had got it out of the shop after the crank, cylinder, and piston were installed but i didn't have time to fix the kickshaft and the tool for the woodruff key so i put it back in the shop for them to do that so i'm pretty sure the woodruff key is alright because i just got it out today and i have a compression guage but it's at my brothers house but i'll get it and check tommorrow. but being a brand new cylinder and piston i'm pretty sure it's alright but you have a point and it needs to be checked anyway. good input thanks guys and keep em coming
  9. bsuggs3757

    2002 yz250f frustrated new member please help

    oh yeah i'm sorry idid shear a woodruff key and had it installed at the same time as the kickstarter and i just went back out to the shop and looked that's exactly how my cams look just like you explained that's why i'm baffled
  10. hey, i have a 2002 yz250f i sold my baby which was a 97 rm125 and bought it because i wanted a 4 stroke bad having ridden one. 1st ride bam there goes my rod bearing tried kicking it bam there goes my kickstart shaft so i had a brand new crank and rod installed, also a new cylinder and piston. my valves are in spec i have a new kickstart shaft everything is in time right. with the i mark on the flywheel lined up with the ' e and i' lined up straight across the cylinder head. this thing will not crank and i mean will not. i pulled the plug which also is difficult and checked for fire and i have plenty then i poured a little gas in the hole and got a pop but that's better than what i was getting. i have been searching archived topics on here for a month and haven't figured it out yet or i would not be starting a thread but i'm stumped i hhave a manual but it isn't he;ping i've been using the starting routine like on thumperfaq and it won't even try maybe carb i guess but any input and similar situations will be very helpful.. my plug really didn't smell of gas but i didn't have time to figure the bike out being that it messed up in the first 15mins of riding it ever now i'm dissapointed everything is brand new and it still won't crank i just hope to get it running and maybe sell it and get a better bike or trade it even up for a 250 smoker cause i can fix them. or that's just the dissapointment talking. also the neutral wire thing is not plugged to anything and i can't find anywhere to plug it which makes me beleive it had been modded but please help any help will do i guess i could try cleaning the carb though but i've heard that these carbs are rea;;y different to clean. and again any help will be greatly appreciated