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  1. mswsracer

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    im sorry conjure?? i dont have a very large vocab, i spend my time RIDING and not lookin at my bike and mxballer621 pretty mutch summed it up
  2. mswsracer

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    Wow your soo mature, and i do think your just a jelous quad rider who doesnt know anyting like they are saying, and im not going to argue with you, i mean online threats damn what a hardass just get a life and stop messing with some you know nothing about, and that bubba thing yea if you actually knew anything you gota take chances in a race to win even if it does invole wrecking
  3. mswsracer

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    haha im not really 52
  4. mswsracer

    Travis Pastrana is a punk

    yea it says DONT TURN RIGHT at the top of the ramp, travis didnt say "turn right and you on the vid", it was the kids falt he turned right not travis'....i mean if you go to travis pastranas house and dont do one thing cuz your a puss dont think he'll invite you over anymore
  5. mswsracer

    jeremy mcgrath invitational

    is that guna come on tv?
  6. mswsracer


    whats the best race piston?? have heard the boyeson are good but if you have one are they any good?
  7. mswsracer

    collection of goon riding

    haha i like the next to last one
  8. mswsracer

    Your biggest jump!

    ok this was only when i was warming up ;] http://www.motoxschool.com/images/15800.jpg
  9. mswsracer

    New Williamson video

    haha like when he goes throught that windo
  10. mswsracer

    Nitro Cirucs 3

    also does any one know the song when travis lands the double?
  11. dont think your racin this weekend cuz the race is cancled
  12. mswsracer

    Helmet cam-Start of H/S

    nvm i didnt read the thing
  13. mswsracer

    Helmet cam-Start of H/S

    is that dirhamtown