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  1. I installed a brand new shiny FCR from the TT store. Replaced the worn out FCR from a 99 WR400. Held my breath and on the third revolution the engine fired and ran as good as it ever has. The DRZ has been sitting for 2 1/2 years. I cannot tell you haw good it feels to ride again. 3rd gear power wheelies, cop next door. Gotta be careful.
  2. Installed a new pilot jet New fuel screw(mine was bent slightly)and New emulsion tube. Reassembled and still having the exact same issue. Runs ok on choke at idle and at all rpm above idle w/choke off. Will not idle w/choke off and is running very lean. Square side is down on slide he vacuum plate diaghram is new. Got the parts in from Sudco on fri. Not bad seeing as they didn't ship until tuesday.
  3. Will do on leaving the needle alone. As far as the float height goes I don't think its too low. Spec? I have a good verneer caliper to check with. I really appreciate all the advice. As far as the pilot circuit goes. When I removed the old jet I sprayed through the hole w/carb cleaner and it flowed quickly into the bore of the carb. I'm sure it's some something simple. But after cleaning and reassembling at least 7 times now I'm pretty convinced that 1) the carb is clean 2) it's assembled correctly 3) all passages internally are open Having said that. If all of those things were true it should run properly. William1 what part of Va are you in? Any chance of getting it in your hands? I live in Chesterfield. 23832 Again thanks for all the advice. When this problem is solved I'll be sure to let everyone know what was causing it. Michael
  4. I used a zip tie to hold the choke on turned down the idle and went for my first ride in 18 months. What a great bike! It actually runs pretty well. Still pulls the front wheel easily in 2nd and with a little help in 3rd. I'm sure it's not running100% but it sure beats walking past it every day. I may send it to Denver and let the experts can fix it or just ride it for the rest of the season. If I lower the needle will it make up for the choke being on?
  5. OK Installed a new pilot jet fuel screw(mine was bent slightly)and emulsion tube. Reassembled and still having the exact same issue. Runs ok on choke at idle and at all rpm above idle w/choke off. Will not idle w/choke off and is running very lean. Square side is down on slide he vacuum plate diaghram is new. Is there any possibility something like timing could be off? I'll try anything at this point. Thanks Guys.
  6. Thanks Ya'll
  7. Thanks for the replies,I ordered parts from sudco earlier today and asked the phone rep, he had no idea what i was asking for. PART#? anyone
  8. I need the adapter for a 2000 fcr(not mx) to fit the air filter box. Mine is kinda rigged. The tt store only sells the complete carb and kit Thanks
  9. I'll give it a try. Ordering parts tomorrow. Thanks
  10. 03 s w/00 wr400 fcr. Jetted per eddie. was great for 2yrs then started running lean at idle. After it sat over the winter. apart cleaned,repeat,repeat,repeat,repeat. It is clean,used compressed air in every hole and jet. Slide is correct and new diaghram. I think it is just worn out. New carb not in the budget. I'm thinking of going up on the pilot jet until it gets better. Runs great off idle. My question: is this a solid thoery?(can I spell) How much of a jump should I go up in size? Can I do it with a fine drill bit? Yes I know this is a litte hackish,but I can't let the bike sit anymore. I think the pilot is currently a 48. Thanks Guys It does strike me as odd that it started running lean only after it sat all winter. But I am confident that the carb is clean and assembled correctly
  11. Its been a while #45? Its worth a try. Thanks guys
  12. I was very carefull to clean that passage when I had the carb off. I even removed the jet and passed a tiny piece of wire through it (a few strands of speaker wire) also sprayed carb cleaner through the passage and saw it come out into the bore. after taking the carb off for the 3rd time and searching 0ld posts I was sure that was where the problem was. I was pretty dilligent about making sure that passage and jet were as clean as possible with just aresole carb cleaner. In all i've run 2-3 cans of cleaner through all the jets and passages. This is an old FCR from a 99WR I don't know if that means anything or not
  13. When I replaced the vacuum seal I researched old threads to make sure I had the plate in correctly and the diaphragm seal flipped the propper way. It runs so good off idle. I miss my bike.
  14. So I put a FCR from a 99WR400 on my 03 S about 2 years ago. Jetted it to Burned specs and it was beautiful for over 2000mi. I let the bike sit for 8 months with no fuel stabilizer. So of course it wouldn't srart. I took the carb off and hosed out the inside with carb cleaner, filled with fresh gas and it started but only idles with the choke on. Off idle it is as good as ever. Since then I have replaced the seal in the slide and have had it off and cleaned it atleast 5 times. Same thing,then I resorted to changing the air screw adjustment,no help. In total frustration I took the bike to a local shop(I no longer have a garage or access to an air compressor) thinking maybe it just had sone trash in it that aresol carb cleaner did not get out. No help. Also had the valves adjusted. It's pretty lean at Idle, it gets hot if i keep the idle up with the throttle,and pops on deceleration. It did not pop on decel before. I've read that the FCR's can "wear out" the slide is a little loose in the bore but the plate feels snug and like I said the seal is new. Any Ideas? A new FCR is not in the budget and I no longer have the stock carb. Thanks, Michael
  15. I cleaned the jet above the fuel screw,the main jet,and the one near it. still no help,I may just have to put more time and effort into it.