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    Canadian on-line retailers

    One thing about email these days is spam and having a crap load of emails to answer. Not defending Gnarly Parts but I work for the school board and it takes me half my day just to answer my emails I get in the morning. I guess gnarly has to get more people to answer those messages, but I find that if you call 7 out of 10 times you will get Dave. He will give you honest advise even if it means not getting the sale. He turn me to another shop onces because he knew that shop had it in stock and I needed it that weekend. How many shops will do that these days.
  2. Dave 2001

    Canadian distributors

    I would pay 10% anyday over the local shops that wants $189.95 for that same unit. Also Gnarly does free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders over $150. Try that with any US shop. 10% is not that bad considering we are a different country. We are just spoil because we are such close neighbours. You should check the prices in Europe.
  3. Dave 2001

    Canadian distributors

    I don't see the $105 us. it's $124.95us Maybe thats the Vector.. I shop at Gnarly all the time and they are great. Living in BC we don't have big shops here that stock lots. Most shops will order you anything but I don't want to wait a week or two for my stuff. Gnarly is the only place that actually have some inventory.
  4. if you are in California just get it from Scotts or BRP. If you want them mailed to you then go with www.gnarlyparts.com
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    No. I don't work there.. Just some harsh words.. I find it funny.
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  7. Dave 2001

    O ring chain vs standard chain

    according to DID the tensile strength of the O/X ring chain are higher then the standard chain.
  8. Dave 2001


    Try Gnarly Parts.. Free shipping on that stuff too. http://www.gnarlyparts.ca/index.php?cPath=49_1414
  9. Dave 2001

    10w40 or 15w50

    http://www.gnarlyparts.com/product_info.php?cPath=33_57_232&products_id=4135 They have all weights
  10. Dave 2001

    The best onlinestore?

    www.gnarlyparts.com www.gnarlyparts.ca for us Canadians.
  11. I notice that TT deleted the original post as well.
  12. They told me that they deleted all orders of those stands. I ordered 6 of them.. they told me that if I still wanted them I can have them for $65 each with free shipping. I told them forget it.
  13. Dave 2001

    Snow In Tucson Az!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow!!! That's wild..
  14. Dave 2001

    Cheep deals?

    I think this has been asked a thousand times but my choice is www.gnarlyparts.com Mostly because they are in Canada. They do ship to the USA as well.
  15. Give www.gnarlyparts.com a try. I know the guys there and I know they just started shipping overseas. Doesn't say it on there site but I know they started. Lot cheaper than $80 too.