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  1. pull the old one off and it will leave a film behind that says void on it. Take a rag with carb cleaner on it and wipe it off. WD40 might work also.
  2. I just bought my son a 2002 XR 50. The plastics are a little beat up. I was wondering if any of the newer CRF plastics fit the older XRs?
  3. Is it safe to machine wash the booties? Thanks
  4. I had the samething happen to my CR 250. I used the swingarm buddy. It was a easy fix.
  5. Supercross

    What is chad going to get Mick Dundee to back him up ?
  6. Supercross

    Reed is a sissy. Andrew Short should have beat the snot out of Him.
  7. I did it on my 05 crf and have had no problems. Runs great
  8. I was there on Sunday and did not see any clean up party. I did see an old junk suv someone stripped.
  9. There is lots to ride if you know were to go. I rode there once and thought it was ok. Then I went with a friend who knows the place well and it is great. Take a GPS and go explore. You can get lost out there in a hurry.
  10. yougotit
  11. best there is for suspension work for any bike.
  12. I had fun. There was not to many riders. I cant wait for next years event Leoni Meadows is a cool place.
  13. I just paid $34 from the local Honda dealer that is crazy.