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  1. mrmcwhipit

    09 RMZ 450 Mid Throttle Blubbering?

    Hi just wondering if anyone might know what could be causing the med throttle blubbering condition ,bike is stock except for a fmf 4.1 slip on using just pump premium.seems worse when its hot outside,i was wondering if maybe the packing in the exhaust getting worn could cause this.but not sure,going to try the stock pipe and see what happens,
  2. mrmcwhipit

    FMF! > Pro circuit

    We did some testing Yesterday with a fmf fatty not the factory with a PC silencer not the shorty and it did seem to perform a little better than stock set up a little louder but crisper and more barky sounding could not feel much torque difference but had a little boost on top.originally the PC did not sound so good until my friend repacked it made a big difference.The fatty did not seem as good as the stock pipe when using the stock silencer. when combining the Fatty with the repacked PC the Performance and sound seemed def better, others seemed to agree also.when I asked the rider who is a Pro that has Qualified for nationals before what do you think he said he cant really tell much difference but did feel the fatty might pull a little better on top, that is the combo we will prob try at hi point,we may try the Ti FMF silencer later as well.
  3. mrmcwhipit

    Race Gas

    I had the same thing happen on my 08 yz250. I have 2 08's one has alot of time with a new top end and the other one new just broken in I mixed c12 50/50 in the new bike and compared to the older bike and it felt less responsive and a little slower than the older bike with pump only. I was like whats going on so I called my friend who knows what on gas and he said the c12 will make it smoother and run a little richer which is exactly what I felt, no more c12 for us, U4 is probably the way to go.
  4. mrmcwhipit

    Wiseco single ring piston and titanium coated ring

    I cant see the single ring making any more power for more than one ride with a pro rider or three rides for anyone else they dont hold up as well as the 2 ring setup.we had a KX 250 with the single ring, it seemed like after 1 ride it was already a little weaker.
  5. mrmcwhipit

    YZ250 For The Nationals?

    Hey guys I was wondering what your thoughts were about trying an 08 yz 250 for the Nationals, we are thinking about trying it.The Rider weight is about 160lbs with gear on.The stock motor seems hard to improve on so it will probably be left alone.Suspension and a bigger front brake are a couple things we will do.We know starts will be the hardest part but hoping we can get lap times close to get in the show.
  6. mrmcwhipit


    I also want to know what bend they are I have an 08 and tried the carmichael twin walls and they felt to high so I put the pro tapers back on. Anybody know what bend stock tapers are?
  7. mrmcwhipit

    RHC CRF250 In Action

    Cool Video RHC motor Rocks!
  8. mrmcwhipit

    Looking For A used Exhaust System

    I Have a used CHM Ex Cond No Dents 175.00+ Ship. Fits 06,07
  9. mrmcwhipit

    tire size?

    That size is too much tire for that bike saps horsepower plus the rim is not rite for it and flats come easier run 13lbs air in it check every ride.
  10. mrmcwhipit

    Sticky\heavy throttle.....out of ideas

    I had same kind of problem you need to replace the cables and make sure the throttle is not pushed on the bar too far, the honda cables get sticky where you cant reach with wd40 also wd40 helps but is only short term you have to use it after each wash.
  11. mrmcwhipit

    07 Harder to Start

    Hi guys anybody else having a harder time starting there 07? Our 06s seem to start alot easier than the 07, I have asked others and they have trouble also. Anybody got any Ideas on why? it is frustrating.
  12. mrmcwhipit

    Looking For A used Exhaust System

    I have a used CHM it has no dents .it is for an 06-07 has some small scratces, I will sell it for $175.00+ship. Dont think it fits 05 though.
  13. mrmcwhipit

    any 04 or newer for sale

    San Diego area, have an 06 we just bought about 3wks ago will sell it in about 1 month we bought it because I am visiting from VA. and needed a bike to ride. Bike has an FMF speed slip on single sys. and AP mod Done. we paid 6250.00 pipe was about 300.00 it will have pretty low hrs. you can reach me at 703-798-6538. my name is Randall. Thanks.
  14. mrmcwhipit

    anyone have and 06 or 07 a for sale

    I am Riding a new 06 I Just bought that I will sell some time in february, I am visiting CA from VA. Have been riding at Perris and Glen Helen the most. If your intrested you can reach me, Randall at 703-798-6538.
  15. mrmcwhipit

    best pipe ?

    Most riders dont have any problems with KX valves because they dont ride as hard as the A or pro riders, they also improved the valve seat material according to KAWI. So more than likely no probs, for you. what up G.