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  1. tyler274

    06 yz125 misfiring

    my yz125 is misfiring on jump landing pinned and coming out of corners pinned, I have leaned it up and richen it up, no change. I also changed the clutch side crank seal, repacked muffler, new top end, unhooked hour meter, tryed hotter and cooler plugs, cleaned carb, checked float level and checked crank and rod bearings, all with no change. The only change I have made before the problem started, was put a new stock factory yamaha cylinder on and then about a week later started to notice some misfire, but it is slowly getting worse. Could it be electrical, CDI, kill switch, coil, stator???. I checked all wire connections. Thanks
  2. tyler274

    best oil for 05 yz125

    Anyone mix 10-40 motor oil with ATF 50/50, I'm thinging of trying it. The clutch on my bike engauges to soft (slips a little), with ATF it comes in to hard so I thought about mixing the 2.
  3. tyler274

    06 yz 125 prob

    Well I can't help much on that one, but I did have a problem one time when my son was warming up his bike and went around the track once and it stopping like it ran out of gas, after hours of checking the electrical system I found out it was the breather hose on the gas cap was plugged (I have seen this alot since). Maybe try to just unplug one of the kill switch wires, just a shot in the dark. If you check your spark with a new plug installed. Good luck.
  4. tyler274

    06 yz 125 prob

    What dose the bike (do) ack like.
  5. tyler274

    Any '06 YZ250's or YZ125's left

    Yes, Just got a 06 YZ125 from them in August, no problems at all. They had about 50 of them in crates, they told me that they got them at a Yamaha dealer auction (lot of 50). They keep about 2 or 3 of them prepped and ready to go. I have had the bike completely apart and put back together and everything was in great condition, but the spokes needed to be snugged up alittle. Awesome deal. $3495.00 out the door. PS: We have about 2 hours on the bike and it runs great. Good luck.
  6. tyler274

    Any '06 YZ250's or YZ125's left

    www.procycleusa.com YZ125's out the door for 3495.00.
  7. tyler274

    100 lb. Rider on 06 YZ125

    Thanks DOC, I like the fact that your strait forward, to bad your not in Michigan I would love to work with you and my son on some test & tune work. I'm not confident in my suspension tuning skills, I couldn't tune the bikes I raced 20 years ago. I'm trying to get it figured out before I get my 2 sons hurt. I agree, that suspensions today are good and can be turned without revalving to get fairly good handling. I would like to get that YZ125 tuned in and only at that point will I know how to have it revalved if it needs it, but first I have to get very good at my setups. Thanks
  8. tyler274

    100 lb. Rider on 06 YZ125

    Thanks for your reply ShockDoc, You make a lot more sense than my local suspension shops do. I agree with the higher front fork oil level for stopping the bottoming problem, but will it make the first 1/2 of the travel harsher (firmer). If I can get the front to handle good and not the rear, can I just revalve the rear and not the front, I ask the local shops this and they told me no I had to revalve both ends to balance. I will try your recommendations and pull the video cam trick on different sections of the track and try to get dialed in. If I can get it close I will call MCR (Matt Crown Racing) and see if he can work with me, MCR is about 30 minutes from me. ENZO mite be the best for kayaba, but to far away. Thanks
  9. tyler274

    100 lb. Rider on 06 YZ125

    I agree 100% with everything you posted and have tryed over sagging the bike, it help the headshake. Rear spring 3.8 FC Static sag 32mm Rider sag 102mm How much dose your wife weigh (you don't have to answer this if it's going to get you in trouble with the wife LOL) All the suspension shops ( FC, Enzo and MX-Tech) tell me that with a 100# rider i'm going to have these issues, unless I revalve, Is this True.
  10. tyler274

    100 lb. Rider on 06 YZ125

    Yep, I messed with it, with no results, so I called FC and they told me that with the low speed turned out so much that it was blowing buy the high speed. I'm scared of the local suspension shops, just had bad luck with them. I'm hoping to find some answers from someone with a 100 or 110# rider. I have had good luck setting up both my boys on there 85's, but there weight was more in line with the bike size, which made ez.
  11. tyler274

    100 lb. Rider on 06 YZ125

    How did you come up with those settings, have you done the 06 yz125 suspension for a 100 lb. rider. I ask this ? because I got alot more kicking @ or close to your recomended settings, also the bike would jump of the landing of the jumps. I can't go out and test for at least 2 or 3 weeks now because my son got hurt on his 85, but need all the advise I can get. Thanks
  12. Has anybody done a suspension setup on a 100 lb. rider on stock valving. My son races (jr 125 and B class) and I just moved him up from a 85 and I can't get the YZ125 suspension setup, the bike rides fair (with settings below) down the braking bumps, but bottoms out hard on more than 3 jumps now. If I put more comp back in the bike kicks him all over. I hope some one can help or its of to ENZO's. I have 3.8 rear spring and 3.7 front springs installed, race sag @ about 102mm. Rear Comp 16 clicks out and Reb 5 clicks out. Front Comp 14 clicks out and Reb 4 clicks out. Thanks
  13. tyler274

    best pipe for mod 110

    wut would be the best pipe for a 110 with a bore kit in it
  14. tyler274

    the best pipe

    Wut is the best pipe for a stock klx110. I was thinking of a pro circuit but i dont know wut one is better the ti-4 or the t-4 pro circuit or if u think there is a better choice then them plz help me out
  15. tyler274

    Marzocchi with stock swingarm

    I found a used marzocchi front end and put it on my klx110 and raised the forks as high in the triples as I can, Have a works rear shock and stock swingarm, witch gives me almost 1" more rear travel. The bike steers badly, any setup advice or do I need a longer swingarm. I don't like the marz triple clamp setup, it sets the forks to far forward of the steering stem, mybe some of the steering problems. Thanks