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    Plates for modified off-road motorcycles

    Inspection and plate... easy peasy!!! Mikes Powersports in Spokane was awesome. Called and made an appointment, they were right on it and super nice and easy to work with! I also had a couple of excellent "coaching" calls with Coyote Offroad helping me walk through the process and answering questions. I highly recommend both Mike's Powersports and Coyote Offroad for conversion help.
  2. jordoc

    SB5800 - Plates for dirt bikes

    I emailed the above suggested email to my reps today and got the followling response: Hi Jordan, * We received your email on the implementation of SB 5800 and was wondering if you could send over to us the interpretation by DOL on the federal requirements which are different than their web page?* We are trying to get a copy of this interpretation so we can figure out what additional equipment is being required by DOL, * Thanks, Jerry Long, OPR House of Representatives Can anybody help with a coherent reply? Sounds like I at least have their momentary attention and don't want to miss an opportunity to gain some ground. Thanks, Jordan