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    I like to paintball, BMX and skateoard in my spare time
  1. Yes it does, Click on file open, then select .GPX from the file type pulldown below the file name box.
  2. No, but there are frequently cd-roms on ebay for about $5.00
  3. Briggs & Stratton 5 horse would be pretty close. The question is why bother?
  4. I like lacquer, it drys fast & has a good gloss. Krylon is a good brand. I found some spray paint at the autoparts store for mag wheels & steel rims (I forget the brand). It is a good tough paint for frames. I used it on my son's 100, & it came out great. It is available in a variety of metallic silver & charcoal colors. Be careful with clear coats, try a test panel first. Sometimes there is a compatibility problem that causes the base coat to crinkle. Carefully 600 wet sand your color before spraying the clear. EDIT: I just realized I am signed on as my son! Oh well, 396
  5. i think the crf 230 is better than the ttr, the ttr's frame looks very weak.
  6. i'm actually a 14 year old that has just got a crf 230 and they are a lot of fun and a good bike for trails
  7. when i was in 3rd grade i fell down a slide and my chin cought every step on the way down