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  1. David Cahoon

    Yamaha Blaster 1989

    My friend fried the piston out of my 1989 blaster. so i had it bored out but when i put the new piston in it only runs at half throtle then dies. i tryed putting a new spark plug in but that didnt help. what should i do.
  2. David Cahoon

    I want more power

    I have a totaly stock 05 CRF250R and i want to Mod it but i dont know much about it yet ive only had it for 8 months. What should i start with
  3. David Cahoon

    Can't get my blaster running

    My friend fryed the piston in my blaster and i had it bored out but when i put a new piston in it wouldnt run. so i put a spark plug in and it starts and runs at half throtle but when i try to go farther than that it boggs and dies. What should i do?