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  1. cullen33

    VOR 400-503 Plastics

    VOR 400-503 Plastics I have a used complete set of plastics for the 2001 VOR MX. Included are tank, front/rears fenders, shrouds, fork guards, number plates. Honestly, I would rate condition as probably a 5 or 6 out of 10. If you can use them I'll make you a good deal. I can forward pictures if you are interested. Thanks for looking. Chris
  2. cullen33

    Need rear brake line 2001 VOR 503MX

    Anyone out there with a good spare you will sell me? Thanks, Chris cullen33@zoominternet.net 412.889.8242 (leave message please)
  3. cullen33

    Does Anyone Have A En503 In The Usa??

    Two VOR beauties. 2003 530 SMe for street, 2001 503MX for track. I'm starting a new business and all toys are up F/S. cullen33@zoominternet.net for detail and pics Chris
  4. cullen33

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    If interested in seeing what the new plastics and graphics look like, please email me at cullen33@zoominternet.net for pics.
  5. cullen33

    Interest in VOR for purchase in Houston

    Have your woods riding KTM'er send me a PM, or you can give me his contact nformation. I own 2 VORs, and the off-road 2001 503 MX is available. I would be glad to talk with him about my VOR monster. Chris
  6. cullen33

    VOR parts on Ebay...

    Good luck with your sales. PM sent. Chris
  7. cullen33

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    Dean, Great to hear from ya! Did you get my email last night? Call me brother. -Chris
  8. cullen33

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    Cowboy! If you didn't see it before, look up the thread a bit and you'll find all of Mike Zont's contact information at DeCal Works. I'll repeat what I've said here before, they do an excellent job. Tell Mike you saw the thread on TT. Chris
  9. The guys at DeCal Works (http://www.decalmx.com/index2.ihtml) made this VOR decal that fits perfectly on those front license plate holders for your vehicle. I used one of those dealership plastic plates they all use for advertising, and applied the decal to it, then mounted onto the holder. Call Mike Zont (PH:815-784-4000) and ask him about this decal, or any the other full set of VOR decals he can make for you. See the license plate holder decal here: http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g268/cullen33/VORLicenseplatedecalpic2.jpg Love my VOR(s)! Chris
  10. cullen33

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    I have pictures of the VOR custom graphics if you want to check out their work. Great outcome. I even had the guys at DeCAL Works make up a license plate sized VOR emblem decal for the front of my truck! email me if interested. -Chris
  11. cullen33

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    Update: Ok, while the wait was longer than I anticipated, I can assure everyone who replied that the wait will be worth it. I just received the customer VOR graphics today from DeCal Works in Illinois, USA. The stuff is printed on super high quality material, came packaged extremely well, and the guys there are great to work with. Mike Zont, who works in the Art department at DeCal Works is who you should contact. He made up the die lines with my VOR OEM plastics, That means he can either wip out a replica set of OEM graphics at standard decal package costs for your special VOR, or can work with you, like he did with me, to design something one off. Mike's number is 815-784-4000. Also, in case you need the web link http://www.decalmx.com/index2.ihtml My email is cullen33@zoominternet.net if you have any questions. It will take me a few days to mount the new stuff and take a couple of pics if you want to see some proof of the guys work! -Chris
  12. cullen33

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    Nothing is as easy as we would like it to be. Sorry for the longer than expected delay. Here's the latest. The fellas name is Mike Zont, who is in the art department with DeCal Works & SoCal Racing out of Kingston, IL. I sent him all my new plastics that cover for the 1998-2001 model enduro and MX, back in March. He has completed the die lines and is currently completing my custom graphics for a '01 503SM race. I also sent him a picture off of an eBay ad for a whole set of the OEM graphics looked like for you dudes who want to keep to the original stuff. I have asked him for a price on the OEM sets, but he has not yet been able to get at it. I told Mike that I would try to help him out, since he invested the time with die lines for the stuff anyway, and I would post here and gauge the level of interest from other VOR owners (knowing availability is scarce). If you want to call Mike yourself the number is 815-784-4000, here's a link to their site >>> http://www.decalmx.com/index2.ihtml As soon as I have more information to pass along, I'll post it here. -Chris
  13. cullen33

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    Update: I heard from the graphics company today. I should know this week how much they will cost, and when they can be ready. I'll post the information as soon as I know more details. -Chris
  14. This is very good news for Supermoto on the east coast! Blue Diamond is a great facility, operated by the largest construction firm in the state. These guys do know dirt, and have all the mega earthmoving equipment due to their day jobs. The MX track was built just a couple years ago with an impressive tabletop, pro level whoops, and is expertly maintained. The owner's long range (next 5 years) vision for the Blue Diamond facility is to continue expansion with a diverse array of family oriented entertainment. Supermoto at the Diamond could be a great step in that direction!!! Now all I have to do is arrange a trip back to my home town in Wilmington DE on 4/1...
  15. cullen33

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    I'll get back with both of you as soon as I know. Anyone else?