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    RE: Dove Springs

    Once you are in the "bowl", take the "Incline Road" up to the top. It will curve to the right and go south. The Power Line and Aquaduct roads will be easily visable to your left, and they go straight to Jawbone. Pick any road or trail that parallels the Power Line, but just keep going south. You'll hit Jawbone Canyon in about 5 miles. Turn left (east) for the Ranger Station and the Store. And oh yea; if you're on a wide fast road, watch for buggies coming the other way
  2. There's a story here. Flynfalcon got lost when he stopped to pick up the tire irons that fell off my bike. When he got back on the trail he made a wrong turn trying to catch the pack. Morrow went back and (unbelievably) found him. The two of them regrouped, and beat us to Jawbone Store! Those two guys get the Dual Sportin' Good Samaritan Award. Flynfalcon is a great tag-line; he had that KLR 650 lookin' more like an F-16!
  3. radioman

    park rangers giving out of park tickets

    One reason they are not keen on writting a ticket out of their jurisdiction is if you plead not guilty, they will have to appear in court in the jurisdiction they wrote the ticket in. They usually won't want to do that. But as a "Sworn Peace Officer", their jurisdiction is the entire state. You can also be arrested if the officer is out of uniform, and off duty.
  4. Steve nailed it. We all had a G-R-E-A-T day. It was a little cold in the early morning, but the rest of the day was perfect. The two KTM 950 pilots have my total respect. We were moving pretty fast up on the "twisty ridges", and they were right there the whole day. The little DR-350 was under geared for the blast back, but the group was always "well looked out for" by our leaders. Thanks for havin' me along. - Jim
  5. Unless someone clicks in with something different, I'll see you all at the General Store at 8:00AM Saturday morning. '91 DR-350S with a BIG tank
  6. I'm pretty much in (how's that for a commitment?), but I need to know pretty quick if it's Saturday or Sunday. Somebody help me!
  7. Looks like you have this one nailed. I'm presently out of commision with the flu, but I'll be ready for the April 9th show.